“The Love Addict”

For the Mars in Pisces Lover, to love and be loved is a compulsion; an all-consuming drive that affects every part of their lives. It is their demon, their madness and the monkey that won’t ever leave their backs even when they are old and gray. Obviously this compulsion to love makes these people very vulnerable. But their vulnerability—this acute sensitivity to feelings and emotional situations—just becomes one more aspect of their sexual attractiveness. With Mars in Pisces we confront the essence of sex appeal, an endlessly open heart-of-hearts that no amount of desire can completely fill.

If you think this passive approach to sex puts these Lovers at a disadvantage, think again. Even though sometimes they appear to be helpless victims of love, Mars in Pisces Lovers typically dominate relationships simply because of the power of the emotions they bring to them. A relationship with a Mars in Pisces Lover can seem like a headlong plunge into an emotional and sexual abyss. No end in sight, but who cares?· They demand a lot from the people who love them and, guided by an almost mystical sensitivity to the feelings of other people, they have little trouble finding partners who are up to the challenge.

The real strength of this type, however, is not in their ability to lure the rest of us into mad affairs. It is in their ability to survive them. Their emotional flexibility and their pliant, ever optimistic approach to sex allow Mars in Pisces Lovers to walk away from emotional crack-ups that would leave more sturdy souls in a straight jacket. In fact, these Lovers often thrive in circumstances of emotional upheaval and they typically do all they can to keep their romantic situations fluid and unfixed.

Deception and subterfuge often play large roles in the love lives of Mars in Pisces Lovers. Their needs and desires are so diffuse and so prone to change with circumstance that even they are often surprised at the directions they take. Emotional security means a great deal to them but they also thrive in a state of emotional flux. They sometimes appear weak and vulnerable and yet they are capable of the most amazing acts of emotional will. They can be very loyal but they can also be infuriatingly susceptible to romantic diversions. No wonder it’s so hard to get a straight story from these sexy and slightly delirious Lovers. They rarely have a clear idea of what it is they want.

The sexual response of Mars in Pisces Lovers is always keyed to their emotional state. In some instances physical sex can mean very little to them despite their essentially sensuous natures. At other times it can mean everything. Promiscuity is not always a problem here but there is probably no other Mars type that is so prone to use sex as an emotional crutch. Their capacity for finding a replacement for emotional security in the momentary comfort and release of meaningless sex is probably the most dangerous and certainly the most heartbreaking quality of this type. It not only disrupts their lives but also the lives of the people who love them. Yet they are so lovable, so desirable and romantic that it’s always easy to forgive even the most misguided of Mars in Pisces Lovers. And perhaps that is the most problematic quality of this type — no matter how badly they behave, it’s just too damn easy to fall in love with them all over again.



We only have to take a look at a few of our female examples of this type to understand the seductive power of the Mars placement. Here we have Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Bo Derek and Tina Turner; women whose sex appeal has become legendary. We also have some examples of women who made a good living selling their sex appeal at a more retail level such as the Restoration period courtesan Nell Gwyn and internet porn princess Danni Ashe.

Among the men we often see an abject surrender to the allure of sex and a need to experience it is all forms and situations. Thus we have Love Addicts like Casanova, Sir Richard Burton and Errol Flynn.

More pervasive, however, are the examples of this type who, for one reason or another assume the passive role in their relationships. Bo Derek allowed hers husband, John Derek to remake her in the image of a sex symbol. Tina Turner and Billie Holiday both suffered at the hands of abusive husbands. Spencer Tracy began his relationship with Katherine Hepburn as the dominant partner but his alcoholism frequently made him childish and dependent. African-American writer James Baldwin was an aggressive fighter for equal rights but, in his sexual relationships, he took a passive role. Even the noted feminist writer Simone de Beauvior was for many years overwhelmed and held in check by the power of her sexual connection to Mars in Scorpio Lover Jean Paul Sartre.

Of course, being the passive partner in a relationship does not necessarily make you powerless. Ivana Trump and actress Linda Hamilton both left their marriages to powerful men (Donald Trump and James Cameron) with a sizable pile of cash while Debbie Boone surrendered her singing career for the joys of family life.

For more information on these and other examples, see the various Mars/Venus combinations.

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