If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Perfect Lover in the Flesh

You are an earthy romantic; an idealist who can still keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. This usually means you are a wiser Mars in Libra Lover whose judgments are based on real life facts, not just idealistic illusions. This also makes you one of the more sensual Lovers of this type. You still have your dreams of perfect love but now they include some perfectly rousing physical sex.

Of course, no matter how rousing real life sex may be for you, it will always fall short of your ideals. Sex as it is enjoyed through the senses can never be as uplifting and exhilarating as the sex of your dreams and no union between two physical bodies can match the perfect union two souls. This means you have to expect a degree of disappointment in your sex life and understand that some of your dreams of perfection will never be realized. Fortunately, these disappointments rarely leave you bitter or unhappy. You are practical enough to understand that even an imperfect love is better than none. 



Our celebrity examples of The Perfect Lover in the Flesh start with jazz singer Peggy Lee (born May 26, 1920 adb,) noted for her hits Fever and Is That All There Is. Lee married at age 19, just as her singing career was beginning to blossom, and seemed extremely happy, but her husband’s alcoholism caused the couple to split after eight years. Though she married three more times and had many lovers, the singer was never able to duplicate this brief interlude of domestic bliss.

Another example of this type is the noted British socialite and supporter of the arts, Ottoline Morrell (born June 16, 1873 wik.) Morrell, who was the wife of a liberal politician, was noted for her affairs with many famous men and in particular for her long liaison with philosopher Bertrand Russell. Her relationship with Russell went far beyond sex. She was his friend, his intellectual equal and his motherly confidant but she absolutely refused to divorce her genial husband and become Russell’s wife. Morrell raised no objections when the philosopher finally gave up and moved on to younger, more marriageable partners. Meanwhile, Morrell’s husband, whose infidelities were much less well-managed than her own, was caught in a sex scandal and Ottoline got the chance to play the wronged but forgiving wife.·

Also in this category is heir to the British throne Prince William (born June 21, 1982 adb) and co-founder of the 1970s rock group Heart, Ann Wilson (born June 19, 1950 adb.)

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