If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Deceptively Perfect Lover

No Lover believes in love more than you do and no Lover infuses the sex act with such cosmic implications. You are looking for more from love and sex than a bond to another human being. You are looking for salvation; an emotional catharsis that will totally overwhelm your soul. It is for this reason that you can be one of the sexiest of the Mars in Libra Lovers but, at the same time you are also the most vulnerable. Love can be pretty intimidating, and dangerous, when it goes cosmic.

You are often happiest in your relationships when the person you love is in some way dependent upon you to care for them. A call for help has a way of bringing you concept of love out of the dreamy haze of your ideals and down to the everyday world where everyone can appreciate it. Your capacity for affection is gigantic and your erotic sensibilities are poetic and emotionally powerful. Once you stop dreaming about love and actually start doing it, it’s hard to see how anyone could resist you.



Writer Edgar Allen Poe (born Jan. 19, 1809 adb) is probably our most famous example of this type. Poe often wrote about lost love and he did so from sad experience. From the death of his mother when he was still a child to the death of his beloved wife, Virginia, Poe seemed constantly torn from the women he loved. Poe had met Virginia when she was only nine years old and almost immediately began grooming her to become his future bride. They were married when she was 13 but Virginia developed tuberculosis and spent much of their marriage wasting away. Her death sent Poe into a deep depression and inspired some of his most touching poems.

Also in this group we have Anaïs Nin (born Feb. 21, 1903 adb,) another writer who used her love life for inspiration, though is a very different way. Nin is most noted for her voluminous diaries in which she recounted her many love affairs with a combination of penetrating psychological analysis and poetic sensibilities. She claimed that often she felt detached from the sex she was having with these men until she sat down and started writing about it. Then it became extremely erotic. Though Nin tried to discontinue her diary keeping at various times, often at the request of her lovers, the writing became a compulsion that she could not escape.

Other celebrity examples of The Deceptively Perfect Lover include Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot (born Jan. 14, 1841 adb,) whose artistic career was hobbled by her need to care for both her child and her sick husband, singer and U.S. congressman Sonny Bono (born Feb. 16, 1935 adb,) best known as the shorter component of the duet, Sonny and Cher, actress Laura Dern (born Feb. 10, 1967 adb) and actress Kirsten Dunst (born Apr. 30, 1982 wik.)

If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Universally Perfect Lover

You are the most idealistic Mars in Libra Lover: an uncompromising dreamer whose concept of love is sometimes so abstract that it leaves the physical body behind. This is not to say that you have no appreciation for physical pleasure, but what you can’t appreciate, and find it difficult to overlook, are the mundane ugliness, awkwardness and dumb humanness that naturally go along with sexual intercourse. You expect sex to be an idyllic and effortless expression of your all-encompassing love, the way it is in your dreams.

Fortunately, your idealized approach to romance in no way limits your ability to love. In fact, at your best your intellectual approach to love adds a high-minded sense of purpose to your affection. Even though you never lose your need for partnership with a special individual, you are also capable of expanding your ideal of perfect love to include the causes in which you believe and the people who fight for them. No matter how much human nature offends you, you never lose your capacity to love humanity.



Our examples of The Universally Perfect Lover include two sad stories. First we have pop singer Karen Carpenter (born March 2, 1950 adb,) who won the hearts of a generation with her sweet, romantic ballads of ideal love. Unfortunately, real love somehow eluded her. Trapped in an anorexic nightmare, her body ravaged by years of abuse, Carpenter died just a few days before she was scheduled to sign papers ending her marriage.·

Then there is the dancer Vaslav Nijinski (born March 12, 1888 adb.) This Russian genius created a scandal in Paris with his athletic and sexually provocative dance. He was the lover and protégé of impresario Sergio Diaghilev but when the young Nijinski fell in love with a woman, Diaghilev shunned him and, unable to perform the art he loved, the dancer lapsed into insanity.

Happier examples include the bethothed of Prince William, Kate Middleton (Jan. 9, 1982 wik) basketball sensation Dwyane Wade (born Jan. 17, 1982 wik,) pop singer Peter Gabriel (born Feb. 13, 1950 adb,) actress Cybill Shepherd (born Feb. 17 1950 adb) French writer, philosopher and swordsman Cyrano de Bergerac (born March 6, 1619 adb) and actress Jessica Biel (born Mar. 3, 1983 mdb.)

If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Perfectly Adorable Lover

There is a quality of lightness, optimism and an almost childlike innocence about your sexuality that makes you one of the most charming of the Mars in Libra Lovers. You are an adventurous and exciting Lover, someone who relishes the challenge of courtship and takes impish delight in the naughtiness of sexual fun, but you are also a very delicate Lover and any hint of stress, conflict or tawdriness in your sex life will quickly take you out of the mood.

The problems in your love life revolve around the conflict between your desire for a strong, singular relationship and your equally strong dislike of confinement. You are apt to flirt with the big, all-encompassing love but hesitate, and perhaps even flee when it becomes necessary to commit. You need a Beloved who is confident enough in your undying affection to let you keep at least the illusion that you are running free. As long as you feel you are held by love, and by love alone, your loyalty to that person will never waver.



Our first celebrity example of The Perfectly Adorable Lover is silent screen vamp Louise Brooks (born Nov. 14, 1906 wik,) noted for her ravishing good looks and bobbed hair. Always more interested in having a good time than her career, Brooks abruptly retired from acting and wrote a remarkably autobiography in which she skewered several prominent figures of her day and detailed her bisexual romps through Hollywood during the roaring 20s. Here she gave us the ultimate description of the Venus in Sagittarius approach to romance. She confessed that “to me, love is an adventure into the unknown.”·

A more contemporary example of this type, Whoopi Goldberg (born Nov. 13, 1955 adb) has never been the sort of screen siren that Brooks’ was, she had put together a substantial collection of husbands and boyfriends, some of them very famous, and still seems reluctant to settle down.

Another example of this type is Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini (born Jan. 20, 1920 adb.) Fellini became famous in the 1960s for his sexy movies such as La Dolce Vita which featured a famous, but by today’s standards extraordinarily tame orgy scene. Fellini enjoyed a very close relationship with his actress wife Giuletta Masina. Masina was famous in her own right because of her work in films and on Italian TV and Fellini valued her as much as an advisor as he did as a wife. Fellini was also a tireless flirt and was reputed to have had many extramarital affairs. Masina joined with her husband in denying these allegations and the marriage lasted for 50 years.

Also in this group we have three politically minded examples: Kennedy scion Maria Shriver (born Nov. 6, 1955 adb,) ex-wife of a Republican governor of California, Winston Churchill (born Nov. 30, 1874 adb) and Margaret Thatcher (born Oct. 13, 1925 adb.)

If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Capricorn 

you are . . .

The “Damned-Well-Better-Be Perfect” Lover

You have very high standards with regard to love. Relationships are a crucial part of your life and only the serious contenders need apply. You can be very judgmental with your partners, applying your high standards to physical, emotional and moral issues and you have no compunction about breaking off a relationship when you feel someone has failed you. But for those lucky enough to pass your muster there awaits sweet devotion and a firmness of commitment that can almost pass for worship.

There is often a conflict within your erotic nature between your idealistic concepts of love and commitment and your essential realism. Your sex drive is very strong and physical and the demands of lust frequently run counter to your dreams of a perfect relationship. It is very easy for you to fall into the trap of dividing your sex life into the sex that matters and the sex that doesn’t, a tendency that not only produces conflict within your relationships but also causes you see sex as a guilty pleasure of which you must be ashamed.



The most prominent of our celebrity examples of this type is Elvis Presley (born Jan. 8, 1935 adb.) Much has been written about Presley’s sex life but perhaps the most revealing incident is the way in which he fell in love with 14 year-old Priscilla Beaulieu while serving in the army in Germany, brought her back to the United States and spent six years grooming her, choosing her clothes, her make-up, her hairstyle, before they were married. The marriage seemed like a fairy-tale for a while until the excesses of Presley’s life drove the couple apart.

Other examples include actor Richard Burton (born Nov. 10, 1925 adb,) whose on-and-off-and-on-off relationship with Elizabeth Taylor was rich tabloid fodder during the 1970s. Though his diary entry entries indicate that Burton was completely fascinated by the emotionally needy Taylor during their 10 year first marriage, the weight of her insecurity and his alcoholism eventual pulled the couple apart. Another example of this type noted for his substance abuse problems as well as his turbulent personal life is actor David Carradine (born Dec. 8, 1936 adb.)· His search for perfection, at least in purely physical sense, ended badly when he died apparently of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Also in this group is  actress Lucy Liu (born Dec. 2, 1968 wik,) comedian Margaret Cho (born Dec. 5, 1968 wik) actor Owen Wilson (born Nov. 18, 1968 wi,k) actor Keifer Sutherland (born Dec. 21, 1966 adb) and opera singer Maria Callas (born Dec. 2, 1923 adb,) who, at 35, fell madly in love with the first man to give her an organism. Unfortunately, that man, for whom Callas left her husband, was the very sensual and very self-centered Aristotle Onassis. After a long and passionate affair, Callas’ “pasha” (as she called him) dropped her to marry Jacqueline Kennedy.··

If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Dangerously Perfect Lover

You are the most seductive of the Mars in Libra Lovers, one who understands the importance of sex both as a natural urge and a psychological force. This bit of wisdom adds a savvy edge to you romantic maneuvering but it does not make you any less of an idealist. You are still looking for the perfect love with the perfect partner. It’s just that, in your case, this bond must take place on a deeper, emotional level as well as in the mind.

You are the most conservative of Lover of this type an you prefer relationships in which you are the person in control. This can become a problem because the perfect union that Mars in Libra people always seek is a partnership between two equals. Your desire to dominate will make it difficult for you to find and hold on to the person who can fulfill you ideal. Someone is going to have to compromise and, as much as you might despise the notion, more often than not it's going to be you.



Celebrity examples of The Dangerously Perfect Lover include two tycoons. For many years Bill Gates (born Oct 28, 1955 adb) seemed to be married to his work and his prolonged bachelorhood was national joke. Then, just before he turned 40, Gates announced his engagement to a savvy Microsoft manager that he had been secretly dating for two years. Not surprisingly, Gates had put as much thought into his choice of a mate as he did in various business ventures and the result has been positive.·

Ted Turner (born Nov. 19, 1938 adb) submitted to psychotherapy and began taking medicine to curb his notorious temper after he married Jane Fonda, whom he called his “soul mate.” Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the marriage eventually ended in divorce largely because Fonda found the hard-driving businessman too controlling.

Another example of this group is playwright George S. Kaufman (born Nov.16, 1889 wik,) famous for his long string of hit Broadway plays during the 1920s and 30s. Kaufman was an eager virgin when he married and he deeply loved his wife but after their first child was stillborn, he was unable to perform sexually with her. The couple agreed to an open marriage with both entertaining lovers on the side. Kaufman’s extramarital affairs were numerous, though he handled them with such discretion that many of his friends were unaware. Then, when he was 44, he began an affair with actress Mary Astor. Five years later Astor’s husband filed for divorce and her diaries, which contained a detailed history of their affair, were read in court. Astor heaped such praise on Kaufman’s sexual stamina and technique that he was labeled “public lover number one” by the press.·

Also in this group we have actor Tommy Lee Jones (born Sept. 15, 1946 adb) and John Adams (born Oct 30, 1735 adb,) second President of the United States and devoted husband of Abigail.