If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Perfectly Adorable Lover

There is a quality of lightness, optimism and an almost childlike innocence about your sexuality that makes you one of the most charming of the Mars in Libra Lovers. You are an adventurous and exciting Lover, someone who relishes the challenge of courtship and takes impish delight in the naughtiness of sexual fun, but you are also a very delicate Lover and any hint of stress, conflict or tawdriness in your sex life will quickly take you out of the mood.

The problems in your love life revolve around the conflict between your desire for a strong, singular relationship and your equally strong dislike of confinement. You are apt to flirt with the big, all-encompassing love but hesitate, and perhaps even flee when it becomes necessary to commit. You need a Beloved who is confident enough in your undying affection to let you keep at least the illusion that you are running free. As long as you feel you are held by love, and by love alone, your loyalty to that person will never waver.



Our first celebrity example of The Perfectly Adorable Lover is silent screen vamp Louise Brooks (born Nov. 14, 1906 wik,) noted for her ravishing good looks and bobbed hair. Always more interested in having a good time than her career, Brooks abruptly retired from acting and wrote a remarkably autobiography in which she skewered several prominent figures of her day and detailed her bisexual romps through Hollywood during the roaring 20s. Here she gave us the ultimate description of the Venus in Sagittarius approach to romance. She confessed that “to me, love is an adventure into the unknown.”·

A more contemporary example of this type, Whoopi Goldberg (born Nov. 13, 1955 adb) has never been the sort of screen siren that Brooks’ was, she had put together a substantial collection of husbands and boyfriends, some of them very famous, and still seems reluctant to settle down.

Another example of this type is Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini (born Jan. 20, 1920 adb.) Fellini became famous in the 1960s for his sexy movies such as La Dolce Vita which featured a famous, but by today’s standards extraordinarily tame orgy scene. Fellini enjoyed a very close relationship with his actress wife Giuletta Masina. Masina was famous in her own right because of her work in films and on Italian TV and Fellini valued her as much as an advisor as he did as a wife. Fellini was also a tireless flirt and was reputed to have had many extramarital affairs. Masina joined with her husband in denying these allegations and the marriage lasted for 50 years.

Also in this group we have three politically minded examples: Kennedy scion Maria Shriver (born Nov. 6, 1955 adb,) ex-wife of a Republican governor of California, Winston Churchill (born Nov. 30, 1874 adb) and Margaret Thatcher (born Oct. 13, 1925 adb.)