If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Deceptively Perfect Lover

No Lover believes in love more than you do and no Lover infuses the sex act with such cosmic implications. You are looking for more from love and sex than a bond to another human being. You are looking for salvation; an emotional catharsis that will totally overwhelm your soul. It is for this reason that you can be one of the sexiest of the Mars in Libra Lovers but, at the same time you are also the most vulnerable. Love can be pretty intimidating, and dangerous, when it goes cosmic.

You are often happiest in your relationships when the person you love is in some way dependent upon you to care for them. A call for help has a way of bringing you concept of love out of the dreamy haze of your ideals and down to the everyday world where everyone can appreciate it. Your capacity for affection is gigantic and your erotic sensibilities are poetic and emotionally powerful. Once you stop dreaming about love and actually start doing it, it’s hard to see how anyone could resist you.



Writer Edgar Allen Poe (born Jan. 19, 1809 adb) is probably our most famous example of this type. Poe often wrote about lost love and he did so from sad experience. From the death of his mother when he was still a child to the death of his beloved wife, Virginia, Poe seemed constantly torn from the women he loved. Poe had met Virginia when she was only nine years old and almost immediately began grooming her to become his future bride. They were married when she was 13 but Virginia developed tuberculosis and spent much of their marriage wasting away. Her death sent Poe into a deep depression and inspired some of his most touching poems.

Also in this group we have Anaïs Nin (born Feb. 21, 1903 adb,) another writer who used her love life for inspiration, though is a very different way. Nin is most noted for her voluminous diaries in which she recounted her many love affairs with a combination of penetrating psychological analysis and poetic sensibilities. She claimed that often she felt detached from the sex she was having with these men until she sat down and started writing about it. Then it became extremely erotic. Though Nin tried to discontinue her diary keeping at various times, often at the request of her lovers, the writing became a compulsion that she could not escape.

Other celebrity examples of The Deceptively Perfect Lover include Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot (born Jan. 14, 1841 adb,) whose artistic career was hobbled by her need to care for both her child and her sick husband, singer and U.S. congressman Sonny Bono (born Feb. 16, 1935 adb,) best known as the shorter component of the duet, Sonny and Cher, actress Laura Dern (born Feb. 10, 1967 adb) and actress Kirsten Dunst (born Apr. 30, 1982 wik.)

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