If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Luscious Love Child

Your sexual nature is almost too fragile for real life. You are so sensitive and emotionally vulnerable that almost everything you do in your love life has the potential of leaving you deeply hurt and uncertain. For this reason you look for strong willed partners who promise to protect you or at least provide a measure of consistency in your volatile erotic life. Oddly enough, even though you are by far the most changeable and restless Lover of this type, you are also the most likely candidate for an enduring and stable relationship.

Despite the fact that your approach to sex is essentially passive, no one should take your easy-going erotic nature for granted. You are a very unpredictable Lover, always capable of shooting off in a new direction or answering the call to a new adventure. Thanks to your undeniable sexual allure, trouble has a way of finding you even when you seem most sedate and under control. You expect and deeply need loyalty and steadfastness from your Beloved but your constancy is never quite as certain.



Our examples of The Luscious Love Child include the writer Jack Kerouac (born Mar. 12, 1922 adb.)· Kerouac is celebrated as the grand master of the free and easy “Beat” generation but his personal life was fairly conventional. He bumbled his way in and out of two short marriages and, despite numerous sexual encounters with prostitutes and other women, he was generally shy and passive in his dealings with the opposite sex.Through it all, the most important relationship in is life remained his friendship with another Mars in Sagittarius Lover, Neal Cassady who, as the hero of On the Road, represented Kerouac’s ideal of freedom and defiance of convention.

Other examples include actor John Travolta (born Feb. 18, 1954 adb,) comedian and political satirist Bill Maher (born Jan. 20, 1956 adb,) heiress Patty Hearst (born Feb. 20, 1954 adb,) who was kidnapped, brain-washed and made a member of a terrorist cell, actress Geena Davis (born Jan. 21, 1956 adb) and child actor and film-maker Ron Howard (born March 1, 1954 adb.)

If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Wild Love Child

You are the most adventurous of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers; a liberated and liberating Lover with an enthusiasm for sex that is both thrilling and infectious. There are few things you won’t try and virtually nothing about sex that makes you nervous, with the exception of commitment. You tend to be an unconventional Lover and you have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to sexual issues. Because of this, and your unwillingness to compromise your freedom, it is difficult for you to hold on to relationships. To like you is easy. To love you can be a trial.

Despite all the frenetic energy you bring to it, physical sex is not all that important to you. For you, sex is a form of exploration, or a way getting people’s attention. It may also be a diversion and a source of pleasure and excitement; but sex can never be the basis for a relationship. Relationships must be based on an intellectual and spiritual affinity, as far as you are concerned. They have to represent a blending of energy and purpose. Sex can be a part of this, or it may not. You can be happy either way.



Rocker Janis Joplin (born Jan. 19, 1943 adb) is our primary example of this type. Aggressively flirtatious from her high school days on, Joplin used sex as a way to rebel and way of filling up her amphetamine charged days and nights. She moved easily between male and female lovers, though she was more secretive about her lesbian contacts. The only time she seemed serious about a man was during her early days in San Francisco. A physical wreck herself because of incessant drug use, she fell in love with another addict. The relationship came apart when her lover was institutionalized for drug induced paranoia and she returned her home to Texas where she put aside her drug use for a while and tried, unsuccessfully, to live a “normal” life.

Another example of this type is actress and murder victim Sharon Tate (born Jan. 24, 1943 adb.) Despite her conservative background, Tate was willing to accept the flagrant infidelities of her beloved husband, Roman Polanski as simply evidence of his “European” notion of marriage.· Also in this group we have singer Stephen Stills (born Jan. 3, 1945 adb,) writer and convicted felon Neal Cassady (Feb. 8, 1926 adb,) who became famous as the free spirit depicted in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres (born Jan. 26, 1958 adb,) who put her career at risk by coming out as a lesbian on her own prime time sit com. She survived the resulting public outrage and eventually came away more popular than ever.

If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The All Natural Love Child

You are the most innocent of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers and therefore you are often the most unrealistic. Sex has to be a seamless, shameless extension of your own joyous life force or otherwise it just can’t work for you. It has to be something you don’t think about, something that just happens. At times you can be so protective of this erotic ideal that you seem shy and standoffish. Even under the best of conditions this yearning for a free, totally open sexual experience will always make you a very difficult Lover to please.

In the long run, however, the actual experience of sex is less important to you than the pursuit of your ideal. This is why you should never consider abandoning your dream, even when the odds seem overwhelmingly against you. Love is based on friendship and, as far as you are concerned, finding a friend who shares your inspired and forever hopeful approach to sex is always the best case scenario. Yes, it may be impossible to find sexual purity in such a cynical and impure world but searching for it with the right partner is the next best thing.



Examples of The Natural Love Child start off with the English mathematician and writer Charles Dodgson (born Jan. 27, 1832 adb,) better known as Lewis Carroll. A bachelor professor, Dodgson became famous for the imaginative stories he devised for a girl named Alice Liddell. Dodgson’s fascination with children extended to taking nude photographs of them in his home but he adamantly maintained that his relationship with these children was “pure” and he refused to put aside his peculiar hobby even when family and friends warned him of the implications.

Other examples include another writer better known under his pen name, Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) (born Nov. 30, 1835 adb.) Little is known about Clemen’s sex life before age 34 but his experience could not have been extensive. At that time he was lucky enough to marry a woman whom he adored and continued to adore until she died 35 years later. Comedian George Burns (born Jan. 20, 1896 wik) had a similar stroke of luck when he teamed up with Gracie Allen. Along with becoming one of the most memorable comedy duos in show business history, the couple had a long and happy marriage despite the fact that Burns was constantly unfaithful.·

 Also in this group we have baseball star Joe Dimaggio (born Nov. 25, 1914 adb,) known for his brief and none too happy marriage to Marilyn Monroe and political writer and conservative polemist Ann Coulter (born Dec. 8, 1961 wik.)

If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Levelheaded Love Child

You are a serious dreamer who looks for more from love than an unorganized play date. You need to be perceived as dependable, even self-sacrificing by the person you love. The problem is that, despite the promises you make and the very real obligations you feel toward your Beloved, you still have that Mars in Sagittarius yearning for freedom and independence. Working out a compromise between these conflicting desires will be difficult but you are too serious about your relationships not to find a way.

You are usually forced to accept a degree of dissatisfaction in your sex life. The sex that satisfies your considerable physical drives will likely leave the idealistic side of you sexual nature feeling unfulfilled while the relationships that answer your desire for purity and innocence will leave your physical side feeling denied. Looking for satisfaction in both realms could involve living a double life or, at least, telling a lot of lies. So the only option left open for you is often committing yourself fully to one side and taking what you can get for the other.



Celebrity examples of The Levelheaded Love Child include actress Faye Dunaway (born Jan. 14, 1941 adb,) actor Bradley Cooper (Jan. 5, 1975,) singer Neil Diamond (born Jan. 24, 1941 adb) and actress Denise Richards (born Feb. 17, 1971 wik,) most remembered for her white hot performance in the sexy thriller Wild Things and for her marriage and acrimonious divorce from Charlie Sheen.·Also in this group we have mystery writer and political activist Rita Mae Brown (born Nov. 28, 1944 adb.) Brown, who was paired with tennis star Martina Navratilova for a time, is an outspoken lesbian but not an advocate of gay marriage, asserting that marriage is a bad idea regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

Other examples include the French novelist Andre Gide (born Nov. 22, 1869 adb,) whose novels often deal with questions of morality. When Gide was only 12 he fell in love with his cousin and he eventually married her. The couple was very close but, by mutual consent, abstained from sex. Gide diverted himself with homosexual liaisons, in particular during his frequent travels across Europe and North Africa. When Gide reached middle age his feelings of guilt at deceiving his very religious wife overwhelmed him and he confessed to her. Despite their emotional bond, his confession shattered the marriage and caused Gide to write Corydon, a literary defense of homosexuality.·

If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio 

you are . . .

The Naughty Love Child

You are the least optimistic Mars in Sagittarius Lover. You expect no cleansing grace from love. You expect trouble and guilt and all the sticky emotional complexities that are the inevitable outcome of human entanglements. Yet, oddly enough, this touch of wisdom (or, in some cases, cynicism) makes you no less eager for adventure and you will tackle love at any opportunity, no matter how many times it kicks you in the face.

Unlike most Mars in Sagittarius Lovers, for you sex is more than a passionate flash in the pan. It is a real physical and emotional need that reaches deep down into your psyche. There is a dark edge to your sexuality and a potential for obsessive attachments. All this emotional depth and mystery makes you one of the most alluring Lovers of this type. It also makes you the most likely candidate for long-term commitment, once you understand that your natural taste for novelty and adventure are not going to satisfy your emotional needs.



Our celebrity examples of The Naughty Love Child include Montgomery Clift (born Oct. 17, 1920 adb.) Clift became a movie star playing sensitive, emotionally vulnerable characters. He also became a male sex symbol in the 1940s and 50s and dated some of he most beautiful women on Hollywood but, in reality, Clift was closeted and deeply conflicted homosexual. His most important relationships were with a few close friends to whom he was extremely loyal. After and automobile accident shattered his face, Clift and began a long, slow decline.

Another example is the Australian writer Katherine Mansfield (born Oct. 14, 1888 adb.) Famous for her short stories, Mansfield thrived in a bohemian literary circle in which “free love” was the order of the day. Like Clift, she was bisexual but her primary relationships were with men, in particular with fellow writer John Middleton Murry. Mansfield described her relationship with Murry as childlike and, apparently, sex was not a decisive factor in their union. Still, they remained a couple until Mansfield’s early death at 34.

Other examples of this type are mystery writer Agatha Christie (born Sept. 15, 1890 adb,) singer Ashley Simpson (born Oct. 3, 1984 wik) and the great French philosopher and satirist Voltaire (born Nov. 21, 1694 adb.) Two examples of a much darker sort are mass murderer Ted Bundy (born Nov. 24, 1946 adb) and crime boss “Lucky” Luciano (born Nov. 24, 1887 adb.)