If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Leo 

you are . . .

The Perfect Lover on Display

You are the showiest of the Mars in Libra Lovers and the one most enamored with the concept of perfect love. You exult in courtship and take to the delicate arts of romance as naturally as a great actor takes to the stage. The warmth and optimism of your erotic nature will attract many admirers as will your sparkling charm. Of course, as a Mars in Libra Lover, you are only looking for the one partner who will fulfill all your idealistic dreams. In the meantime, you manage to keep everyone else, including yourself, well entertained.

Finding your perfect partner is your ultimate goal, but it can also be your downfall. You are so skilled in the stagecraft needed to attract a mate that your partners are often disappointed when they learn that behind all your charm and playful energy there is a very limited capacity for intimacy.  As a Lover you are capable of great loyalty and noble acts of kindness but your passions do not run deep and your tolerance for maudlin emotionalism or sexual obsessions is low. You need a partner who sees love the way you do; as a means of extending the thrill of courtship until it fills a lifetime.



Given the natural exhibitionism of Venus in Leo, is not surprising that our examples of this type begin with three beautiful women known for their rocky liaisons with equally famous men. We have actress Nicole Kidman (born June 20, 1967 wik,) who was first married to Tom Cruise and then country singer Keith Urban, singer Whitney Houston (born Aug. 9, 1963 adb,) noted for her drug problems and her long, dysfunctional relationship with Bobby Brown and actress and centerfold Pamela Anderson (born July 1, 1967 adb,) who has shown a misfortunate taste for bad-boy musician such as Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

Another examples of The Perfect Lover on Display is the television personality Barbara Walters (born Sept. 25, 1929 adb.) In her autobiography Walter’s confessed that she was primarily attracted to men who were smart and powerful. Though this attraction has proved insufficient to sustain her three marriages it very likely has something to do with her famous gifts as an interviewer of men (and women) in positions of power.·

Other examples in this category are director Alfred Hitchcock (born Aug. 13,1899 adb,) playwright George Bernard Shaw (born July 26, 1856 adb,) and romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (born Aug. 4, 1792 adb.) Shelley caused a scandal when he deserted his wife and child and eloped with the teenage Mary Godwin. The passionate poet revered his “perfect” soul mate in innumerable verses but, in reality, the rigors of their unconventional family life and the deaths of three of their four children put a heavy strain on the relationship.

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