If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Leading Love Child

You are a charming, effervescent Lover, so full of life and optimism that no one can resist you for long. Of course, your approach to love is so reckless, so direct, so thoughtless and impulsive that you need every bit of that charm, plus a fair amount of luck just to survive the often calamitous consequences of your actions. From your point of view, good sex is a matter of creating as much excitement, and havoc, as you and your Beloved can tolerate.


It is not just thrills that you’re seeking in your sex life. You’re also looking for experiences that will feed your ego and leave you feeling singular and empowered. Sensation for its own sake holds little interest for you and sexual relationships that offer only basic gratification are essentially useless to you. Because of this you often push your relationships and the people you love to the edge. You want them to love you for the challenge. The pleasure is just a fringe benefit.



Our examples of The Leading Love Child include actress Anne Heche (born May 25, 1969 wik,) who grabbed headlines with her sudden appearance as the lesbian lover of comedian Ellen Degeneres (who also has Mars in Sagittarius) and for her equally sudden return to the ranks of heterosexuals. Critics of Heche were less upset by her flexible sexual orientation than by her abrasive manner (particularly in comparison with the always affable Degeneres) and by the couple’s extremely public displays of affection.·Also in the group we have actress Rene Zellweger (born Apr. 25, 1969 wik) actor and eternal bad boy Jack Nicholson (born Apr. 22, 1937 adb,) singer Rihanna (born Feb. 20, 1988 wik) and the famously adulterous former husband of Sandra Bullock, Jesse James (born Apr. 19, 1969 wik.)

A naughty example of this type from a bygone era is the English novelist Vita Sackville-West (born Mar. 9, 1892 adb.) Sackville-West was an heiress and the author of several popular novels that, in her time, made her more famous than her friend and occasional lover, Virginia Woolf. Married as a young woman to a man she liked a great deal, Sackville-West never got over her distaste for heterosexual intercourse and when her husband announced that he was a secret homosexual she decided to have some fun of her own. She fell madly in love with another woman named Violet Keppel and took to dressing in men’s clothing so they could “pass” as a couple. When her lover was forced into marriage of her own, Vita and Violet fled to Paris. The fugitive lovers were quickly apprehended by their husbands and, for the sake of appearances and her children Sackville-West agreed to be more discreet in her homosexual adventures. Her relationship with Violet quickly cooled and she moved on to other women. Meanwhile, she and her husband remained happily, if not conventionally, married.
Another woman with this combination of Venus and Mars who benefited from an open marriage was is the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay (born Feb. 22, 1892 adb) who put the Leading Love Child philosophy into verse:
My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--

It gives a lovely light!

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