If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Capricorn 

you are . . .

The “Damned-Well-Better-Be Perfect” Lover

You have very high standards with regard to love. Relationships are a crucial part of your life and only the serious contenders need apply. You can be very judgmental with your partners, applying your high standards to physical, emotional and moral issues and you have no compunction about breaking off a relationship when you feel someone has failed you. But for those lucky enough to pass your muster there awaits sweet devotion and a firmness of commitment that can almost pass for worship.

There is often a conflict within your erotic nature between your idealistic concepts of love and commitment and your essential realism. Your sex drive is very strong and physical and the demands of lust frequently run counter to your dreams of a perfect relationship. It is very easy for you to fall into the trap of dividing your sex life into the sex that matters and the sex that doesn’t, a tendency that not only produces conflict within your relationships but also causes you see sex as a guilty pleasure of which you must be ashamed.



The most prominent of our celebrity examples of this type is Elvis Presley (born Jan. 8, 1935 adb.) Much has been written about Presley’s sex life but perhaps the most revealing incident is the way in which he fell in love with 14 year-old Priscilla Beaulieu while serving in the army in Germany, brought her back to the United States and spent six years grooming her, choosing her clothes, her make-up, her hairstyle, before they were married. The marriage seemed like a fairy-tale for a while until the excesses of Presley’s life drove the couple apart.

Other examples include actor Richard Burton (born Nov. 10, 1925 adb,) whose on-and-off-and-on-off relationship with Elizabeth Taylor was rich tabloid fodder during the 1970s. Though his diary entry entries indicate that Burton was completely fascinated by the emotionally needy Taylor during their 10 year first marriage, the weight of her insecurity and his alcoholism eventual pulled the couple apart. Another example of this type noted for his substance abuse problems as well as his turbulent personal life is actor David Carradine (born Dec. 8, 1936 adb.)· His search for perfection, at least in purely physical sense, ended badly when he died apparently of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Also in this group is  actress Lucy Liu (born Dec. 2, 1968 wik,) comedian Margaret Cho (born Dec. 5, 1968 wik) actor Owen Wilson (born Nov. 18, 1968 wi,k) actor Keifer Sutherland (born Dec. 21, 1966 adb) and opera singer Maria Callas (born Dec. 2, 1923 adb,) who, at 35, fell madly in love with the first man to give her an organism. Unfortunately, that man, for whom Callas left her husband, was the very sensual and very self-centered Aristotle Onassis. After a long and passionate affair, Callas’ “pasha” (as she called him) dropped her to marry Jacqueline Kennedy.··