If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Hazy Home Body

Yours is a very delicate sexuality. Your keen sensitivity to the feelings of others, good and bad, often forces you to shy away from making real connections. It’s not just that you fear being hurt. You also fear hurting other people. You understand that not everyone can handle your deep, heart-felt response to sexual stimuli or your enormous capacity for love. So you hold back, try and keep your volcanic emotions in check and wait, as patiently as you are able, for the right person to step into your life and whisk you away.

In the meantime, of course, you have to deal with the pretenders, the many people who respond to your luscious sex appeal without having the slightest idea what to do with it. It is not easy for you to say no to all these people. After all you have so much love to offer and people fall in love with you so easily. But you have to maintain your focus; you have to find ways to contain or perhaps disguise you irresistible sexual allure. Otherwise you will end up with more demands on your affection than you can possibly fulfill.



Our examples of The Hazy Home Body include actress Natassja Kinski (born Jan. 24, 1961 adb.) Kinsky began modeling at the age of 12 in order to support her mother who had been deserted by her father, the German actor Klaus Kinski. She became a movie star and an international sex symbol by the time she was in her late teens and sexual icon at 22 when a poster of her wearing only a live python became immensely popular. In the midst of this clamor of fame Kinski suddenly dropped out films to devote herself to caring for her children. She quietly resumed her career 8 years later after one failed marriage and a long term affair with impresario Quincy Jones, the father of one of her three children.

Other examples of this type include television star Julia Louis-Dreyfus (born Jan. 13, 1961 wik,) country singer Tammy Wynette (born May 5, 1942 adb,) activist and anti-nuke martyr Karen Silkwood (born Feb. 19, 1946 adb,) actress Reese Witherspoon (born March 22, 1976 wik) and two people who became famous on skates: figure skater Sonja Henie (born Apr. 8, 1912 adb) and hockey great Wayne Gretzky (born Jan. 26, 1961 adb.)

If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Heady Home Body

You are the most imaginative and the least conservative of the Mars in Cancer Lovers. Conversation and the exchange of ideas are just as important to your emotional well-being as snuggling, and you have the capacity to analyze and even laugh at your obsessive sexual nature. In some ways, you are the sanest Lover of this type or at least the most reasonable. You understand your capacity for irrational thinking and emotional dependency and try to make the best of it.

Unfortunately, sometimes this reasonable approach gets you into trouble. You are the most adventurous Mars in Cancer Lover and you often take risks in you love life and experiment with sex in ways that put the tender and obsessive inner working of our Mars in Cancer sexuality in jeopardy. The results are painful for you but they also bring heartache to the people who get caught up in the web of your powerful emotions. You have a way of convincing people that you have everything under control when, in fact, you are just waiting to see where the next wave of sentiment will send you.



Our celebrity examples of The Heady Home Body include noted author William Burroughs (born Feb. 5, 1914 wik.) One of the leaders of the so-called “Beat” generation of writer, his startling, free-form novels (such as Naked Lunch) described Burrough’s life as a drug addict and sexual deviant. Burroughs was a bisexual who was very passive in his homosexual relationships and very assertive with his wife. During a drinking session during which Burroughs was trying to sell a pistol to a visitor, he purposed to prove the accuracy of the firearm by shooting a drinking glass off the top of his wife’s head. Since Burroughs was a crack shot his wife agreed to assist him but in this instance Burrough’s shot was low and the bullet killed his wife.

Also in this group we have another writer who used his own experiments with drugs, as well and his troubled relationships with women as fodder for his classic science fiction stories, Philip K Dick (born Dec. 16, 1928 adb) and a writer who detailed his experiences as a homosexual street hustler during the 1950s, John Rechy (born March 10, 1931 adb.)·
Other examples in this group are actor William Shatner (born March 22, 1931 adb,) newspaper mogul Rupert Murdoch (born March 11, 1931 adb) composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born Jan. 27, 1756 adb) and actor Ashton Kutcher (born Feb. 7, 1978 wik,) noted for his enduring marriage to Demi Moore.

If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Sagittarius 

you are . . .

The Home-on-the-Range Body

You are the most restless and probably the most sensitive of the Mars in Cancer Lovers. Long term relationships are difficult for you because everyone with whom you become intimate for any length of time develops some habit or quirk or pattern of behavior that simply drives you crazy. You need the emotional security of a steady, caring mate. You need someone with whom you can feel comfortable and protected, someone to whom you can reveal your deep feelings of dependency, but how can you find such a person when they’re all so darn irritating.

Unlike most lovers of this type, the deep emotional connections you crave do not always have to be linked to sexual intimacy. It’s nice when they are. You will obviously feel more fulfilled and the relationship will probably be stronger, but relating to someone from a distance is often much easier for you. You are the most independent of the Mars in Cancer Lovers and you don’t always need someone there to hold your hand through every crisis as long as you know that when you really, really need the love it will be available to you.



This is one of the rare types and our examples are somewhat limited. The primary example is the Austrian singer and actress, Lotte Lenya (born Oct. 18, 1898 wik.) Lenya came from a poor, rough environment and was working as a prostitute in Vienna by the time she was 11. Her marriage to Kurt Weill (composer of The Three-Penny Opera) was unusual both because they came from very different backgrounds (Weill was a child of the middle-class) and because they had very different ideas about sex. Weill was focused on his music while Lenya had multiple affairs with both men and women. Still the marriage was a happy one and Lenya remained emotionally dependent upon Weill until his death.

Other examples of The Home-on-the-Range Body in D-listed comedienne Kathy Griffin (born Nov. 4, 1960 mdb) and science fiction writer Neil Gaiman (born Nov. 10, 1960 wik.) This combination also includes two noted criminals. There’s Perry Smith (born Oct. 27, 1928 adb,) the sensitive and troubled young murderer profiled by Truman Capote in his book, In Cold Blood, and William Heirens (born Nov. 15, 1928 adb,) who began as a sneak thief, stealing women’s panties and then started killing the women who owned them. On the bedroom wall of one his victims he wrote the famous plea, “Catch me before I kill more.”

If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Hard-Nosed Home Body

You are the Mars in Cancer Lover least likely to admit to your emotional vulnerability. You would prefer the world to see you as a self-sufficient and tough-minded individual whose attitude toward sex and love is practical, down-to-earth and generally conservative. It is only when people get to know you well that the true depths of your psychological and sexual needs become apparent. Even then you will adamantly hold on to your emotional aloofness. The partner most likely to impress you is the person who will give you the hug you so desperately need without making you admit that you needed it.

You often feel most comfortable when you can quantify your feeling. You use gifts and favors to express the deep affection you dare not declare and you often project your emotional dependency and need for security onto physical objects given to you by your Beloved. This may seem to reduce the exchange of love to the level of a business transaction but the true value of these exchanges lies on a deeper, emotional level and at this level, no matter how business-like and practical you may appear, you are always willing to pay whatever is asked in order to get the unconditional, enduring love you require.



Even though this is one of the rarer combinations, we have several interesting celebrity examples. First we have actress and activist Daryl Hannah (born Dec. 3, 1960 adb.) After gaining fame as the mermaid in the movie Splash, Hannah became on-again-off-again girlfriend of singer Jackson Browne. When that long relationship came to an abrupt and violent end (leaving Hannah with a black eye)· she fell into the arms of another person born with Mars in Cancer and Venus in Capricorn, the handsome and then very available John F. Kennedy, Jr. (born Nov. 25, 1960 adb.) This relationship lasted until Kennedy began courting his soon-to-be wife Carolyn Bessette. Kennedy’s marriage to Bessette, who never quite warmed to her famous husband’s standing as the “sexiest man alive,” was notably acrimonious and came to a tragic end when they were both killed in a plane crash.

Other examples of The Hard-Nosed Home Body include singer and actress Dolly Parton (born Jan. 19, 1946 adb.) Parton is noted for her down-home frankness about sex and for her gaudy and flirtatious persona but she has managed to maintain stable and enduring marriage with her conservative, business-man husband despite the glamorous trappings and romantic distractions of her work. In this category we also have country singer Naomi Judd (born Jan. 11, 1946 adb,) country and gospel singer Amy Grant (born Nov. 25, 1960 adb,) African-American novelist Toni Morrison (Feb. 18, 1931 adb,) and pop singer Miley Cyrus (born Nov. 23, 1992 wik.)

If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Hell-of-a-Home Body

You are a psycho-sexual force of nature capable of bowling people over with the power of your desires and then amazing them with the subtlety and sensitivity of you sexual technique. You are a very intense Lover who demands a lot of attention and who tends to dominate relationships even though you approach to sex and love is essentially passive. People respond to you not just because of your sexual allure or because of your emotional vulnerability. They just want be a part of the awe inspiring phenomena that is you.

Because you take sexual relationships so seriously you tend to be conservative or at least quiet about them. Unfortunately, those who have been swept up in your emotional maelstrom are not always so secretive. These survivors are likely to come away with terrible tales of a demanding and irrational Lover, too sexy to ignore and too incredibly complex to understand. But that lucky person who has been sucked into the calm and loving eye of this emotional hurricane that is your emotional life and is enjoying the incredible warmth and sexual opulence that is at your core, that person is not likely to utter the smallest complaint.




Examples of The Hell-of-a-Home Body include the author of The Time Machine and War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells (born Sept. 21, 1866 adb.) From the very beginning of his career, when he divorced his first wife, Wells seemed intent on shocking his Victorian audience with his sexual behavior. After the divorce the author began a long series of seductions and affairs. He claimed that he was helping spread the idea of sexual liberation by pouncing on virtually every attractive woman who crossed his path. Through it all, however, Wells maintained a caring and very possessive relationship with his indulgent second wife.

Other examples of this group include Irish actor and singer Richard Harris (born Oct. 1, 1930 adb,) known for his distaste for pretense and his voracious appetite for life, alcohol and drugs, an appetite that almost killed him, twice, and ended his two marriages. Another example with a bad-boy image is Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee (born Oct. 3, 1962 wik,) who became an inadvertent porn star when video of him having sex with his soon to be ex-wife Pamela Anderson were stolen and spread across the internet. Other celebrity examples include Marie Antoinette (born Nov. 2, 1755 adb,) the ill-fated queen of France, composer George Gershwin (born Sept. 26, 1898 adb) and Belgian actor and martial arts expert Jean-Claude Van Damme (born Oct. 18, 1960 adb.)