If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Perfectly Contrary Lover

You are the most emotional of the Mars in Cancer Lovers and the most serious about finding the perfect mate. Love is more than a necessary ideal for you—it is an essential part of your emotional well-being. This makes you an intense and demanding Lover who struggles and strains in order to get the most out each relationship. You need a lot of love, but you are prepared to give a lot more in return.

Sex can be an explosive commodity for you. On the one hand sex packs an emotional wallop, bringing forth your insecurity and your desire to surrender yourself to another who can protect you. On the other, you remain a sexual idealist capable of coolly dismissing any partner who falls short of your intellectual ideal. The crazy dualism of your erotic nature, and the turmoil it can bring about in your life, may cause you to consider skipping sex altogether but that would disappoint all those people clamoring to be your partner.



Our examples of The Perfectly Contrary Lover include the famous Serbian scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla (born July 10, 1856 adb.) When Tesla arrived in the United States with his new ideas about electricity he was immediately pegged as a handsome and extremely eligible bachelor but the eccentric genius remained aloof. Though some hint that he was a womanizer while he was in college and others conjecture that he was (at least) a latent homosexual, it seems most likely that Tesla was celibate for most of his life.·

Another example is poet Sara Teasdale (born Aug. 8, 1884 wik.) Forced to choose between two suitors, one a wealthy businessman the other a restless fellow poet, Teasdale chose the settled businessman. She began regretting her choice before the honeymoon was over and the marriage ended in divorce.

Other examples of this type include two newsmen: Bob Woodruff (born Aug. 18, 1961 wik,) who was injured while covering the war in Iraq and Anderson Cooper (born June 3, 1967 adb,) the handsome anchorman whose silence about his personal life has sparked rumors that he is homosexual. Also in this group we have actress Anna Paquin (born July 24, 1982 wik,) country-singer and TV star Billy Ray Cyrus (born Aug. 25, 1961 adb,) and almost first lady Tipper Gore (born Aug.19, 1948 adb.)