If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Universally Perfect Lover

You are the most idealistic Mars in Libra Lover: an uncompromising dreamer whose concept of love is sometimes so abstract that it leaves the physical body behind. This is not to say that you have no appreciation for physical pleasure, but what you can’t appreciate, and find it difficult to overlook, are the mundane ugliness, awkwardness and dumb humanness that naturally go along with sexual intercourse. You expect sex to be an idyllic and effortless expression of your all-encompassing love, the way it is in your dreams.

Fortunately, your idealized approach to romance in no way limits your ability to love. In fact, at your best your intellectual approach to love adds a high-minded sense of purpose to your affection. Even though you never lose your need for partnership with a special individual, you are also capable of expanding your ideal of perfect love to include the causes in which you believe and the people who fight for them. No matter how much human nature offends you, you never lose your capacity to love humanity.



Our examples of The Universally Perfect Lover include two sad stories. First we have pop singer Karen Carpenter (born March 2, 1950 adb,) who won the hearts of a generation with her sweet, romantic ballads of ideal love. Unfortunately, real love somehow eluded her. Trapped in an anorexic nightmare, her body ravaged by years of abuse, Carpenter died just a few days before she was scheduled to sign papers ending her marriage.·

Then there is the dancer Vaslav Nijinski (born March 12, 1888 adb.) This Russian genius created a scandal in Paris with his athletic and sexually provocative dance. He was the lover and protégé of impresario Sergio Diaghilev but when the young Nijinski fell in love with a woman, Diaghilev shunned him and, unable to perform the art he loved, the dancer lapsed into insanity.

Happier examples include the bethothed of Prince William, Kate Middleton (Jan. 9, 1982 wik) basketball sensation Dwyane Wade (born Jan. 17, 1982 wik,) pop singer Peter Gabriel (born Feb. 13, 1950 adb,) actress Cybill Shepherd (born Feb. 17 1950 adb) French writer, philosopher and swordsman Cyrano de Bergerac (born March 6, 1619 adb) and actress Jessica Biel (born Mar. 3, 1983 mdb.)