If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Maestro of Mundane Love

There are no humble Mars in Leo Lovers but your approach to sex come as close to shy and self-effacing as is possible with this type. You have a way of bringing the high flying egotism of Mars in Leo down to earth and making sex seem less like an art form and more like a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. You taste for the big, dramatic love affair is tempered by your physical needs. For this reason your love life is likely to have two tracks: one for the “big” affairs in which you can fully express your pride and artistry and one for the “little” engagements about which you are not so proud.

You are one of the least controlling of the Mars in Leo Lovers. You would like to maintain the upper-hand in your relationship but your earthy nature often places you at a disadvantage. Unlike other Lovers of this type, you can't simply walk away from a relationship that fails to feed your ego. You have the also give practical consideration to the quality of the sex and if the sex is good enough, you might just be willing to put your bossy egotism on hold for a while.




Our examples of The Maestro of Mundane Love include two female sex symbols from the 1950s: Sophia Loren (born Sept. 20, 1934 adb) and Brigitte Bardot (born Sept. 28, 1934 adb) and one male heart throb, Robert Redford (born Aug 18, 1936 adb.) We have people who were exorbitantly comfortable with their sexuality such as basketball star Wilt Chamberlain (born Aug. 21, 1936 adb,) who proclaimed in his 1991 autobiography that he had had sex with 20,000 different women (and was still counting) and Victoria Woodhull (born Sept. 23, 1838 adb,) who ran for President of the United States on a platform that advocated racial equality, women’s suffrage and free love.·
We also have two men who found their sexuality troublesome. One is English writer Christopher Isherwood (born Aug. 26, 1904 adb,) who kept quiet about his homosexuality throughout most of his career and even attempted to live as a celibate for a while. It was only in his later years that he became public and very vocal defender of the homosexual in society. The other is artist Aubrey Beardsley (born Aug. 21, 1872 adb,) who became famous for his stylized and often erotic drawings (many of which are just as shocking today as they were when they were first published during the reign of Queen Victoria) and for his association with the aesthetes who gathered around Oscar Wilde. On his deathbed, however, the tubercular artist converted to Catholicism and begged his publisher to destroy his “obscene” artwork.

Other examples of this type include poet Sylvia Plath (born Oct. 27, 1932 adb,) singer Sting (born Oct. 2, 1951 wik), television personality Rachael Ray (born Aug. 25, 1968 wik) and comedian and actor Adam Sandler (born Sept. 9, 1966 adb.)



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