If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Maestro of Sensuality

Your sexuality is a wonderful combination of sensuality and basic laziness. You let yourself be carried along by your pleasure-seeking instincts, greeting every new experience with fresh eagerness and then slowly draining from that encounter all the joy it has to offer. This passive, easy-going approach to sex not only makes for good technique, it also conceals the egocentric strength and stubbornness that is at the core of your erotic nature. People don’t realize that beneath all that luxurious hedonism you are always the person in control.

You are a conservative Lover for whom appearances are always important. There may be occasions when your sensuality will lure you into indiscretions but you are quick to cover your tracks and hide the evidence. The quiet practicality of sexual nature serves as a handy antidote for your Mars in Leo braggadocio. You know that you’re the best there is but you are willing to sit back and let the world find out the good news on its own.



Our celebrity examples of The Maestro of Sensuality start with one of our founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson (born April 13, 1743 adb) was a man noted for his idealism and his many intellectual pursuits. Some experts thought that, after the early death of his wife, Jefferson had forgotten about sex. This opinion was brought into serious question when genetic tests showed that descendants the seven children of Jefferson’s African-American slave, Sally Hemmings, were also descendants of Thomas Jefferson.

Other examples of this type include the archetypical hero of the cinematic Old West, Gary Cooper (born May 7, 1901 adb.) In his youth Cooper was endorsed by several female “experts” of the time (such as Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich and Tallulah Bankhead) as Hollywood’s sexiest man. His soft spoken and manly sex appeal projected just as well on the screen. After marrying at age 32, Cooper’s sex life became somewhat more sedate though he never lost his ability to attract women.·

Another male who had the hearts of the women of his generation fluttering was former Beatle, Paul McCartney (born June 18, 1942 adb.) McCartney also enjoyed a long and happy marriage though he did not fair so well after the death of his beloved first wife. Other muscial examples of this type include the leader of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson (born June 20, 1942,) singer James Taylor (born March 12, 1948 adb) and gender-bending pop star Boy George (born June 14, 1961 adb.) Along with these examples, we have one who could not contain her Mars in Leo tendency to brag. That is the French art critic Catherine Millet (born April 1, 1948 wik,) noted for her shocking sexual memoir, The Sexual Life of Catherine M. which detailed her extensive exploration of group sex.