If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Maestro of Dreams

You are the most optimistic and generous of all the Mars in Leo Lovers. Of course, you are also among the most unrealistic. To you, sex is the ultimate affirmation of life. It is a grand ideal that shines a kind and forgiving light into the ugliest corners of human fragility. Your’s is the gift of eternal hope and no matter how many times you get hurt you never lose your faith in love. This extraordinary optimism can at times make you seem unworldly and even foolish but for you, and the people who love you, that is not a problem.

You typically appear less controlling than most Lovers of this type but, of course, that’s not all together true. As far as real life is concerned, you are pretty easy going. You accept people as they are and you take your pleasure where you find it. But this is only because in your fantasies—in the world of your sexual ideals—you enjoy a control that is absolute and unquestioned. This is one reason why this world of fantasy is so precious to you. And it is also why only the most privileged and beloved are permitted to join you there.



Because this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus our celebrity examples are sparse but we do have three that are remarkable. The first is the Russian-born poet and novelist, Vladimir Nabokov (born April 22, 1899 adb.) Nabokov became famous after the publication of his novel, Lolita in which a pedophile confesses his fascination and ultimate conquest of an underage “nymphet.”· Nabokov’s other novels dealt with such subjects as premature ejaculation, impotence and homosexuality. Though he had been something of a ladies’ man in his youth, Nabokov was hardly a libertine in real life. He relied on research and his own imagination for information regarding these diverse subjects.·

Our second example is the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen (born April 2, 1805 adb.) As a young man Andersen was offended by the coarse sexual references of his working class peers and even after he became famous writing children’s stories such and The Little Mermaid, he avoided sex. He had close relationships with several women during his life but these ladies failed to respond to the courtship of the awkward and unworldly writer and the affairs remained platonic. Desperate for affection, Andersen was sometime made ill by his sexual frustration.·

Finally we have Florenz Ziegfeld (born March 21, 1869 adb,) the master showman who invented the chorus line and brought the world the Ziegfeld Follies. Ziegfeld was famous for bringing to the stage the most beautiful and talented young women. He slept with several of his star performers but these romances were typically more an extension of Zeigfeld’s extravagant productions than they were love affairs.

A more contemporary example is talk show host Conan O’Brien (Apr. 18, 1963 adb.)