If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Perfectly Reasonable Lover

You want sex to be real, tangible, and easily accessible. For this reason you are prone to divide your sexual contacts between those that serve your physical needs and those that involve your search for the perfect relationship. Your approach to the former will be practical and matter-of-fact while you will look to the latter with dreamy fascination. This dual approach will certainly not make sense to everyone. Many people, including some potential partners, are apt to call you insensitive, along with a few other, less printable names.

Your attitude toward sex is essentially passive. Whether you are looking for love or just a good time you are easily led, emotionally lazy, and sometimes opportunistic. This lack of initiative makes it difficult for you to find the perfect love that is always your utmost goal. Relationships of this sort require great energy and determination and there is a part of you that will always balk at such extraordinary effort. But if you are lucky enough to find a partner who is willing to do most or even all the work for you, you can be a Lover well worth keeping.



Our primary example of The Perfectly Reasonable Lover is musician John Lennon (born Oct. 9, 1940 adb.) Many Beatles’ fans objected when Lennon paired himself with the strong-willed Yoko Ono but Ono was just the Mars in Libra ideal Lennon needed and she was willing to take control of the relationship.·

The legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt (born Oct. 23, 1844·· adb) is another example of this type. The daughter of a courtesan, Bernhardt inherited a mistrust of men that she never conquered despite the fact that she numbered her lovers in the hundreds. Her only “perfect” love was for her son who was born when she was 20.·

Film maker Roman Polanski (born Aug. 18, 1933 adb) thought he had found his ideal in actress Sharon Tate but, tragically, she was murdered shortly after they were married. The Polish director, acclaimed for motion picture triumphs such as Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown then got himself jailed and eventually chased out of the U.S. when he pled guilty to having sex with 13-year old girl whom he had plied with alcohol and Quaaludes.

Also included in the group are jazz great Louis Armstrong (born Aug. 4, 1901 adb,) author J. K. Rowling (born July 31, 1965 wik,)· rapper Eminem (born Oct. 17, 1972 wik,) actress Heather Locklear (born Sept. 25, 1961 adb) and· Republican senator and nude model Scott Brown (Sept. 12, 1959 wik.)

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