If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Maestro of Tragedy

You take a more practical approach to sex than most Mars in Leo Lovers. Your attitude may be less artistic than some Lovers of this type but it also less hampered by idealism and pride. Your first goal is always basic physical pleasure and you are usually very creative in finding ways to achieve this goal. You can be a very demanding Lover partly because of your strong sex drive and partly because you need a partner who will give you something to brag about.

All Mars in Leo Lovers like a bit of theater in their love lives but your tastes run toward the tragic. You’re a sucker for a sad story, either your own or someone else’s, and you love expanding these stories and weaving them into your sexual history. Sometimes this taste for dramatizing the negative can cause you to broadcast your least desirable qualities and wallow in your weaknesses. Other times it makes you a champion of the weak and unloved. In either case, you are never boring.



Our examples of The Maestro of Tragic Love include the French singer, Edith Piaf (born Dec. 19, 1915 adb.) Piaf rose from an impoverished street singer to become one of the most popular performers of all time. Piaf often sang of the sweet allure and tragic end of love, a subject with which she was very familiar. She was twice married and had numerous love affairs, none of which ended happily. Her most famous lover was with the French boxing champion, Marcel Cerdan, who died suddenly in a plane crash, apparently as he was rushing to return to Piaf. Most of her later affairs with younger men, many of whom she groomed to become singers. She was often unfaithful and cruel to these men but she bemoaned the fact that so few of them were “primitive” enough to give her a good beating.

Another example of the complexity of this Mars/Venus combination is Frank Sinatra (born Dec. 12, 1915 adb.)· Promiscuous as he undeniable was, Sinatra nonetheless held on to his conventional marriage for many years. Even though the popular crooner was able to summons the attention of virtually any woman he wanted, his greatest and most enduring love was for Ava Gardener, a fast-living, hard-drinking actress who continually rejected Sinatra’s love sick offers of matrimony and refused to acquiesce to his domineering style. Other examples include the legendary actor, James Dean (born Feb. 8, 1931 adb,) whose was famously self-destructive in all aspect of his life, including sex and the British  born pop singer (and husband of Heidi Klum) known as Seal (born Feb. 19, 1963 adb.)