If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Maestro of Intensity

You have the zest for love, the irrepressible sexual energy and the fresh, almost juvenile charm of a complete egotist. There’s nothing to worry about, however. Your supreme and perhaps less than realistic self-confidence is the key to your warm and exciting sexual nature. If you weren’t totally infatuated with yourself you’d have no capacity for loving anyone else. In fact, the worst thing that can happen to your erotic life is for someone to convince you that you are less than the best.

You are drawn to extreme sensations and extreme situations in your sex life, a quality that is often at odds with your essentially conservative nature. In fact, the conflict between this thirst of the ultimate experience and your need to be in control is often the overriding theme of your sexuality. Not to worry, however. If you find you can’t have the kind of sex that you want you can always opt out of the process altogether. After all, if it’s going to be anything less than the best then why bother.



Our examples of The Maestro of Intensity can be divided between those who represent the consummate smoothness of Mars in Leo and those who hear the bloody call to extremism of Venus in Aries. In the first category we have the perennial “sexiest man alive”, George Clooney (born May 6, 1961wik.) Also in this group we have jazz pianist and band leader Duke Ellington (born Apr. 29, 1899 adb.) Ellington may not have had Clooney’s leading man good looks but he had natural grace and style and a gift for seductive patter that earned him legions of ardent lovers. He married young and soon separated from his wife but never divorced her. The fact that he was still a married man served as a counter for his more matrimonially minded admirers.

At the Venus in Aries extreme we have some very scary people. Both Marshall Applewhite (born May 17, 1931 adb,) head of the suicide cult called Heaven’s Gate and Jim Jones (born May13, 1931 adb,) leader of the Jonestown cult that committed mass suicide, sought to impose their own sexual quirks on the people who followed them.. Applewhite, a self-hating homosexual, had himself surgically castrated and imposed a vow of chastity on the followers of his Heaven’s Gate cult· while Jones, a sex obsessed megalomaniac, made having sex with “father” Jim a badge of honor for his doomed parishioners. Also in the scary category we have Maximilian Robespierre (born May 6, 1758 adb) who was a firebrand leader of the French Revolution and one the architects of the “Reign of Terror” during which thousands of innocent people were guillotined as suspected enemies of the revolution. Called “incorruptible” by his supporters, Robespierre’s sex life was limited to a few affairs with women which he kept secret from the public.

A more inspirational example of the furious courage of which this group is capable is singer Melissia Etheridge (born May 29, 1961 adb.) Etheridge has managed to establish a thriving career as a singer and maintain an openly homosexual lifestyle. She is also noted for her uncompromising support of gay rights.· Other examples of this type include former NBA star Dennis Rodman (born May 13, 1961adb,) movie and Broadway star Bernadette Peters (born Feb.28, 1948 adb) and Lisa Nowak (born May 10, 1963 wik,) the American astronaut who drove from Houston to Orlando with a knife, pepper spray and adult diapers allegedly to kidnap the woman her ex-boyfriend was dating.