If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Maestro of Enlightenment

You take the playfulness of Mars in Leo and add to it a mischievous edge and a yen for experimentation and discovery. Though you take sex seriously, you always look at your passions from an intellectual distance that allows you to have a great deal of fun with relatively little emotional display. Some people may find you cold and manipulative, and it is true you are quite skilled at playing with other people’s minds, but there is never any malice in your manipulations.

There is a formidable idealism within your sexual nature that will likely be responsible for both your best and your worst erotic moments. At the best times this idealism allows you to leap over the fears and insecurities that limit the sex lives of so many people and achieve an almost visionary sense of sexual joy. At the worst it makes you preachy, stubborn, egocentric and completely insensitive to some very real emotional and moral concerns.



Since this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus we have only a few celebrity examples. One is sex researcher Dr. William H. Masters (born Dec. 27, 1915 wik.) Masters began doing clinical studies on human sexuality in the early 1960s. His research was controversial since it required couples to actually have sex in the laboratory with researchers and various scientific instruments measuring their responses. When he published his findings in a highly technical book called Human Sexual Response it immediately became a bestseller and is now considered one of the corner stones of the sexual revolution.·

Another example is singer/actress Vanessa Williams (born March 18, 1963 adb.) Williams caused a scandal shortly after she became the first African-American Miss America when nude photographs that she had posed for years earlier were published. She was able to rebound from this shock and reconstruct a singing career. Our third example of this type is rocker Bret Michaels (born March 15, 1963 wik) who became the central figure of a hit reality show, Rock of Love, as he searched for the right girl to match his raucous, rock star lifestyle.