“The Maestro of Love”

The first thing you need to know about Mars in Leo Lovers is that sex is never just an avenue to pleasure for them; it is also an art form. They approach every encounter as if it were a masterpiece—even if it later turns out to be simply a three-minute sketch—and they cultivate sexual pleasure with aesthetic flair and a singular sense of purpose. These are high-energy Lovers and their joyous enthusiasm for love and their creative approach makes them irrepressible, breathtaking partners. They bring a whole-hearted belief in the power, the glory, and the heroic splendor of love to every sexual encounter

The second thing to keep in mind about these Lovers is that they must be in control. They are usually nice about it. They are so charming and so loving that their partners may not even notice how the Mars in Leo Lover completely dominates the proceedings. But the fact remains that the most desirable position for the Mars in Leo Lover is always on top, if not physically, then certainly psychologically. This doesn’t mean that everyone with Mars in Leo will have a dominant personality. They may, in fact, be rather meek or passive in other areas of their lives. But when it comes to sex, Mars in Leo Lovers always seek relationships that allow them some measure of command. They will always be most attracted to the partner they can most easily controlled.

The third thing to remember about these Lovers is that all their sexual exuberance, their childlike wonder, and their warm, laughing playfulness ends the moment the game stops being played their way.· It’s not so much that these Lovers are selfish, rather they simply cannot sustain an interest in sex that does not, in some way, center on their needs, desires and egos. They may attempt to be good sports and let someone else be the boss for a while, but these moments of generosity don’t last long. A Mars in Leo Lover will gladly choose celibacy over sex on someone else’s terms.

But why would anyone put up with such an egocentric attitude toward sex? Why would anyone submit to such autocratic control?· Well, as we have said, Mars in Leo people are very good Lovers. Their warmth, enthusiasm, and artistic approach to lovemaking compensate for a whole lot of egotism. Also, Mars in Leo Lovers have a way of making their partners feel privileged. No matter how bossy they may be in private, these status-conscious Lovers tend to treat their partners like royalty in public. They typically become the unabashed advocates of everything their partners do and they have no sense of reserve when it comes to showering their partners with praise and reinforcement. As far as they’re concerned, if you’re good enough to have a Mars in Leo Lover then you have to be someone very special.

The last thing one needs to know about this type is that there can be no secrets. It isn’t simply that Mars in Leo Lovers are flamboyant and love drawing attention to themselves. These Lovers look upon sex as an important, even sacred, activity. Sex is, after all, an extension of their ego and it would be an offense to nature to keep it under wraps. So Mars in Leo Lovers always reserve the right to brag. There are times, of course, when this noisiness about sex conflicts with the essential conservatism of this type. For while these people love attention, they dread ridicule and embarrassment. This is why no one should take the bragging of a Mars in Leo Lover too literally. Pride always rules over truth in the stories they tell.



Our examples of The Maestro of Love display to a more than ample degree both the best and the worst qualities of this Mars sign. First of all, it is amazing how many sexual icons have Mars in this sign. From Gary Cooper, who reigned over the 1930s and 40s to George Clooney, from Frank Sinatra, who had the “bobby soxers” swooning during his youth to Paul McCartney, who had the same effect on the baby-boom generation. From Robert Redford to Harrison Ford, from James Dean to Colin Farrell, Mars in Leo seems to be the sign of the male sex symbol. Female sex symbols are also well represented. Here we have the French sensation of the 1950s Bridget Bardot and the buxom Italian beauty of the same era, Sophia Loren.

On the negative side, we also have several examples of how controlling this group can be. The worst of these are, of course, cult leaders Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite but Mars in Leo Lovers like Thomas Jefferson (who sired several children with Africa-American slave) and Paul Gauguin (who preferred docile young Polynesian women) also exhibited these tendencies. Eliot Spitzer’s self-destructive penchant for hiring prostitutes shows us another dimension of this issue while the example of Mata Hari, who gained fame as a dancer but made her living as a high class concubine, indicates that the need for control is a strong motivator on both sides of such transactions.

For more information about these and other examples see the various combinations of Mars and Venus.

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