If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Technician of Real Love

You are the most realistic of the Mars in Gemini Lovers. You bring sex down to its most basic level and you make no apologies for your direct and earthy approach to love making. Some people might be put off by your distain for romantic illusions and amorous pretenses. They may think your down-to-earth attitude toward sex is crude and unrefined. But others will find your honesty and unpretentious practicality refreshing. The truth is that, despite a few rough edges, you are still the most resourceful and intelligent Lovers of this type.

It is often easier for you to be friend rather than a Lover. You seem to regard love as a threat which you hold a bay with heavy doses of cynicism, emotional coolness and, at times, even cruelty. After all, what does the “love” stuff have to offer except a lot of dreamy lies that no one really believes. As a friend, on the other hand, you can be truthful and loyal. You can build a relationship based on shared ideas and intellectual affinity. As a friend you are ready helpmate, always willing to give of your time and be of service. Let everyone else waste their time looking for true love. All you really need is one true friendship.



Our examples of The Technician of Real Love include cartoonist and uncrowned king of underground comics, R. Crumb (born Aug. 30, 1943 wik.) Crumb’s comic strips have often dealt, in an extremely frank and unabashed way, with his own sexual obsessions and frustrations. Many find his confessions crude and misogynistic but others have lauded his artistic talent and his willingness to tell the truth, both about himself and the society in which we live.·

Another well-known example of this type is singer, song-writer Joni Mitchell (born Nov. 7, 1943 adb.) While fighting her way to the top of the pop music scene in the 1960s, Mitchell went through one failed marriage and many short-lived affairs. The histories of these relationships have frequently found their way into the perfect verses of Mitchell’s songs but, no matter how sweetly she sang about them, none of her paramours has been able to compete with the singer’s devotion to her career.

Also included in this group is the Spanish-born actor, Antonio Banderas (born Aug. 10, 1960 adb.) Banderas enjoyed a fairly quiet life, for an up-and-coming male sex symbol, until the deserted his Spanish wife and began courting actress Melanie Griffith. Banderas and Griffith survived a firestorm of public outcry and tabloid attention and have maintained one of the more enduring Hollywood marriages. Other examples are actress Kate Winslett (born Oct. 5, 1975 wik,) actor Wesley Snipes (born July 31, 1962 wik,) baseball star Roger Clemens (born Aug. 4, 1962 adb) and comic Chevy Chase (born Oct. 8, 1943 adb.)

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