If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Technician of Physical Love

You are the most sensual of the Mars in Gemini Lovers and nowhere are the erotic skills of this type put to better use. Your approach to sex is cool and clear-headed but you also have a hardy appreciation for the joys of the flesh that makes you a very desirable partner. You are not as adventurous as many Lovers of this type. Even though your own ideas about sex may be wide open, you have a stubborn respect for convention and you don’t like breaking the rules.

The problems in your love life are typically caused by laziness. Sometimes you settle for relationships that satisfy your physical needs and your natural taste for material comfort but which do not challenge and intrigue you intellectually, condemning yourself to sexual boredom and making you a dissatisfied, listless Lover. You need a partner with whom you have as much intellectual affinity as you do sensual pleasure. These relationships may be a little more risky but at least you’ll be forced to pay attention.



Celebrity examples of The Technician of Physical Love include actor/director/photographer/artist Dennis Hopper (born May 17, 1936 adb) and pop singer, Bobby Darin (born May 14, 1936 adb.) Both these men were known for their free-wheeling lifestyle and incessant womanizing. Hopper became the quintessential flower child behaving badly during the 1960s and 70s with lots of booze, drugs and sex with virtually every starlet of his generation as well as a small army of anonymous movie groupies. He survived it all, along with three short-lived marriages, disastrous career choices and outright delirium to become a respected actor in his old age. Darin, who born with a defective heart, was not so lucky. He often expressed a desire for a conventional family life and seems to have at least attempted this kind of relationship in his famous marriage with singer and actress Sandra Dee, but Darin also had a frenetic appetite for one-night stands. Some people theorized that the singer was trying to cram as much experience and pleasure as possible into what he knew would be a short life. He was still pursuing this goal when he died at 37.

The one female example of this type that stands out is Libby Holman (born May 23, 1904 wik.) A successful torch singer during the 1930s she gave up her glitzy lifestyle and a lesbian lover to marry the heir to R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune. A short time after the wedding her husband was found shot in the head. The death was ruled a suicide but Holman was thought to be somehow complicit in his death and she had to live with this stigma, along with a hefty inheritance, for the rest of her life.

Tamer examples of this type are actor and star of the television series, Earl, Jason Lee (born Apr. 25, 1970 wik,) former U.S. secretary of state, Henry Kissinger (born May 27, 1923 adb) and actor Daniel Day-Lewis (born April 29, 1957 adb.)

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