If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Technician of Serious Love

You are the one Mars in Gemini Lover who is serious about love and sex. You understand that there is a power in these deep and enduring emotions that can make your natural Mars in Gemini curiosity seem trivial and pointless; a dark, forbidding mystery that can turn a harmless bit of fun or a happy jaunt onto the wild side into an awesome and dangerous safari into the unknown. This doesn’t mean that you fear sex or that you would, under normal circumstances, avoid it. It’s just that you recognize, more than any Lover of this type that there is more at stake in a sexual relationship than the processing of information and the satisfying of idle curiosity.

There is in your sexual nature something of the quality of a moth drawn to the destructive flame. It is difficult for you to maintain your typical intellectual distance when faced with the dark allure of the mysterious, the exotic or the forbidden. Fortunately, the dark extremes of your curiosity are balanced by a very healthy dose of caution. You are, for the most part, a very conservative Lover and, typically, this keeps you out of trouble, particularly once you grasp the concept that the greatest mystery of sex is finding a person with whom you can explore all its dark corners without fear or shame.



Our celebrity examples of this type include three famous musicians. Around the time that guitarist Keith Richards (born Dec. 18, 1943 adb) was becoming famous with the Rolling Stones he was also being drawn into a love affair with the girlfriend of his band mate, Brian Jones. This young woman, the exotically beautiful Anita Pallenberg, subsequently led Richards down a long, spiraling path of drug addiction and self-destruction. Nothing, not several arrests or the birth of his children, seem capable of changing the musician’s deadly course. It was only after he became estranged from Pallenberg that Richards was able to kick his habits and make a fresh start.·

Less successful in this regard was The Doors’ front man, Jim Morrison (born Dec. 8, 1943 adb.) Early in his life the self-involved Morrison seemed more interested in poetry than women but after he fell in love with Pamela Courson (who also had Venus in Scorpio) at the age of 23 and his career with The Doors took off, the singer became intent on exploring the dark side of his sexual nature, including possible forays into homosexuality and Satanism. Surprisingly Morrison’s close relationship with Courson survived these wild diversions as well as his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Courson remained at Morrison’s side until his death at the age of 27. Also in this group we have noted golfer, Tiger Woods (born Dec. 30, 1975 wik.) The dark side of Woods’ sexuality led the highly publicized break up of his marriage.

A less "dark-sided" example is the singer/songwriter, John Denver (born Dec. 31, 1943 adb.)

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