If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Technician of Joy

You are a happy, laughing, light-hearted Lover who can be shockingly straightforward and, at the same time, devilishly charming. Your response to sex is immediate and passionate and you have a strong sense of adventure but no matter how intense your physical involvement in the moment might seem, your emotional commitment to love is rarely complete.  Strong emotions, sticky sentiments and complex romantic entanglements make you nervous and surprisingly shy. You know that when feelings get stirred and sexual relationships become serious there is always a mess that someone is going to have to clean up and that someone is never going to be you.

Like most Mars in Gemini Lovers, you are happiest when you can combine your intellectual passions with your sexual needs. For all your sexual athleticism, sex means very little to you if it is not in the context of shared ideas and you are always going to be most attracted to the person who is willing to stand with you and fight for a common cause. For you the two essential ingredients for the perfect partner are courage and good conversation.



Since this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus we only have a few celebrity examples. One is Angela Davis (born Jan. 26. 1944 adb,) the African-American activist who, in 1970, was implicated as an accomplice in an attempted prison escape by men associated with the Black Power movement, one of whom was the brother of the man who was, at that time, Davis' lover. After eluding the law for two years, Davis surrendered and was tried and acquitted. Davis has remained an activist for many causes including prison reform.·

Another example of this type who mixed sex and politics is Sir Oswald Mosley (born Nov. 16, 1896 wik.) Mosley was the head of the fascist party in England before World War II. Prior to his involvement in extremist politics, Mosley and his politically active first wife had both held seats in the House of Commons and were considered a perfectly matched political couple but, as Mosley became more enamored Hitler and Mussolini, he became estranged from his wife and began an affair with a woman who shared his fascist sympathies.··

Other examples include legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page (born Jan. 9, 1944 adb,) actor, Rutger Haur (born Jan. 23, 1944 adb) and actress Ruth Gordon (born Oct. 30, 1896 adb) who won fame late in her career by playing sexy old ladies.

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