If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Technician of Enchantment

You are an extremely alluring and sensual Mars in Gemini Lover whose sexuality is an uneven blend of craftiness and innocence. You are very rational about sex and approach it with great clarity of purpose but even at your most calculating moment, deep emotional needs and feelings of vulnerability cloud your judgments. This makes you one of the most unpredictable and irrational Lovers of this type—a partner who can be cool and clinging, distant and irresistible all at the same time.

At your worst you are a compulsive charmer who wins everyone’s love and no one’s confidence. At your best you are the sexiest and most empathetic Lover of this type. You are supremely sensitive to the needs of your partner and well-informed enough to answer all of them. There is an element of shyness and passivity about your sexuality. You need to feel safe and protected in order to explore the full range of your sexual curiosity but, once you are sure of your ground, there’s no holding you back.



Our first two celebrity examples are sexy women who obviously overcame the tendency toward shyness mentioned about. Bettie Page (born April 22, 1923 adb,) became the iconic pin-up girl of the 1950s, posing sometimes as the sexy girl-next-door and sometimes as a leopard-skin clap dominatrix. After she was threatened by federal investigators incensed by the “pornographic” images of her body, Page abruptly quit modeling, turned to Jesus and ended up in an insane asylum.·

Porn star and best-selling author Jenna Jamison (born April 9, 1974 adb) has been luckier. After surviving rape and drug addiction she achieved fame in the sex trade and wrote a popular book telling women how to "make love like a porn star.”·

Another less than shy example of The Technician of Enchantment was the British artist and typographer, Eric Gill (born Feb. 22, 1882 adb.) Though happily married and deeply religious, Gill made it his life’s work to explore every area of human sexuality. His obsession with sex was more than evident in his artwork and many of his sculptures and engravings can not be exhibited freely even today.

Other examples include singers Diana Ross (born March 26, 1944 adb) and Barbra Striesand (born Apr. 24, 1942 adb) and tennis star, John McEnroe (born Feb. 16, 1959 adb.)

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