If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Technician of True Love

You are the most idealistic Mars in Gemini Lover, a Lover who truly believes in the power of love. You are not a person who does well alone and you will always need a significant relationship in your life in order to feel complete. The feeling of being “connected” to another person is extremely important to you. Your definition of this crucial connection doesn’t include a lot of sloppy sentiment or even a lot of sex. You’re looking for more than an emotional crutch or a sensual experience. Your kind of love must be a perfect partnership, the seamless blending of two minds.

Physical sex has a way of complicating this search for the perfect partner. It messes with your idealism and takes love out of the domain of the mind where you can operate with breathtaking lightness and skill, and brings it down to the level of the body where you are never quite as comfortable. This is not to say that you can’t enjoy physical sex for its own sake. The problem is keeping this frivolous banging of bodies, diverting as it may be, separate from the very serious business of love.



Queen Elizabeth I (born Sept 17, 1533 adb) is probably the most outstanding example of this type. Called the “Virgin Queen,” the truth of this appellation depends on which of the many movies made about her life that you have seen. What is a historical fact is that throughout most of her long reign, Elizabeth was involved in one prolonged courtship after another with various royals across Europe. These courtships were, for the most part, political ploys but this didn’t’ stop the Queen from giving each of them her complete and careful attention.

Another notable example of this category is the novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald (born Sept. 24, 1896 adb.) After winning the hand of the beautiful and rich Zelda Sayre when he was still just a penniless writer, the author and his madcap wife went on to become the darlings of the Jazz Age but their relationship was stained as Zelda succumbed to mental illness. Still, Fitzgerald refused to divorce Zelda even after she was committed to an institution and he remained her husband until his death at the age of 44.

Other examples of The Technician of True Love the super smooth British leading man Hugh Grant (born Sept. 9, 1960 wik,) who somehow managed to deflect criticism and maintained his relationship with the beautiful actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley after he was arrested during a tryst with a Sunset Strip streetwalker. Some more smooth talking examples are Scottish actor and former 007 Sean Connery (born Aug. 25, 1930 adb,) American film star Tim Robbins (born Oct. 16, 1958 wik) and singer/songwriter Randy Newman (born Nov. 28, 1943 adb.)

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