If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Technician of Big Love

There is never any question as to the ground rules of your erotic universe: what best serves your ego, best serves your libido. You have a marvelous capacity for enjoying sex but your pride and self-possession always come first. Some people might find the egotism of this position offensive but many others will hardly notice. After all, a Lover as lively, generous and exciting as you has good reason to be proud.

There is always a distinctively theatrical quality about your love making. You want sex to be a big event, full of drama and intellectual significance. This grandiose approach to sex can certainly be entertaining but it often makes your romantic moments seem less than spontaneous. More importantly, real life sex rarely meets your cinematic standards. This is one reason why you often find the idea of love much more appealing than its physical manifestations. The sex in you head is never common or clumsy, and you can always count on great reviews.



For The Technician of Big Love our primary example is singer, Eddie Fisher (born Aug. 10, 1928 adb.) Fisher was a popular figure in the 1950s as a recording artist and as a actor but he most remembered for his marriages to three famous women (Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens) and his tell-all autobiography in which he enthusiastically detailed his sexual exploits. Another example of this type is the clothing and fragrance designer, Coco Chanel (born Aug. 19, 1883 adb.) Chanel used her affairs with wealthy and powerful men to advance her business from a modest millinery shop in Paris to a world-wide enterprise but her affair with a Nazi officer during the German occupation of France almost ended her career.·

Other celebrities with this Mars/Venus combination include actor David Duchovny (born Aug. 7, 1960 adb,) painter Andrew Wyeth (born July 12, 1917 adb) and comedienne, Phyllis Diller (born July 17, 1917 adb.)

Perhaps the strangest example of this type is Mary Baker Eddy (born July 16, 1821 adb,) founder to the Church of Christ, Scientist also known as the Christian Science movement. According to her, the physical body and all of its animal manifestations, including sex, were an illusion and only true union of two people occurred in the mind. She looked forward to a day when physical lust would be replaced by pure, spiritual love strong enough to make babies without the messy necessity of sex.

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