If you have Mars in Gemini  with Venus in Gemini 

  you are . . .

The Technician of Cool Love

You approach sex like a scientist approaches the laboratory. You just can’t wait to see what you will learn. Erotic experiences for you are less a means to sensual pleasure than a way of feeding the mind. Sex is very intense realm of experience but, in essence, no different from any other realm of experience. And for this reason you are remarkably free of both shame and restraint with regard to your sexual experiences and it often surprises you that other people approach the subject with such fear and secrecy. Some may consider your approach cold and clinical but others will appreciate your openness and indefatigable curiosity.

The one element of sexuality that may scare you just a little is commitment. You have no trouble falling in love, but you find it very difficult to stay that way.  The most important and enduring relationships in your life will always have more to do with ideas than with sex. The partner who thinks as you do or, better yet, leaves you free to think the way you want will always be closer to you than the person who just gets you aroused. After all, there is no sexual organ more crucial than the mind.



Among our celebrity examples of The Technician of Cool Love are some very remarkable women. Photographer and photo-journalist, Margaret Bourke-White (born June 14, 1904 adb) adopted a casual and, some would say decidedly masculine, attitude toward sex that suited her globe-trotting career and she was not above using her sexuality to gain an advantage as she rose to the highest ranks in a field that had previous been dominated by men.

Another accomplished woman of this type is actress Sandra Bullock (born July 26, 1964 wik) who survived the highly publicized infidelity of her ex-husband while establishing herself both as one of the most powerful women in Hollywood and as a mother. Other notable female examples of this type as are comdian Tina Fey (born May 18, 1970 wik,) actress Uma Thurman (born April 20, 1970 adb,) super model, Naomi Campbell (born May 22, 1970 adb) and singer/actress Courtney Love (born July 9, 1964 adb.)

Former heavy-weight boxing champion Mike Tyson (born June 30, 1966 adb,) is an example of this type whose sexuality has at time been overwhelmed by his personal demons. In Tyson’s case the brutality of his early years and the inner rage that made him such a great boxer have made it difficult for him the express the tenderness of which, at least according to his second wife, he is capable . Other male examples of this group are the rebellious tennis champion Andre Agassi (born April 29, 1970 adb,) actor Al Pacino (born April 25, 1940 adb) and Swiss-born philosopher and author Jean-Jacques Rousseau (born June 28, 1712 wik.) Rousseau capped of a lifetime of unconventional thinking by making a tour of the salons of Paris during his last years and reading aloud excerpts from his autobiography which contain detailed descriptions of his quite varied and, some might say very kinky, sex life.

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