If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Cancer 

you are . . .


The Technician of Cuddly Love

You are the luckiest of the Mars in Gemini Lovers. Not only are you supremely knowledgeable about sex and a cool master off all the games associated with flirtation and love but you also have an emotional sensitivity, a quality of vulnerability and a capacity of empathy that adds up to devastating sex appeal. This makes you a Lover who is very much in demand and, if you are so inclined, gives you almost unlimited access to recreational sex. Unfortunately, this combination of an intellectual approach to passion and a passionate approach to sex also makes you a very unpredictable, irrational and complex Lover; so complex, in fact, that even you can’t be sure what it is you really want.

Your problem is that there are moments when sex is just a game to you, a game that you know very well, and then there are other times when you respond to your partner with an emotional need that is over-whelming and completely beyond your rational control. There are moments when you can seem cold-hearted and manipulative and other times when your need for your Beloved is so immediate and visceral that it almost becomes an obsession. At your best, you will learn how to combine your strengths and use your smooth, Mars in Gemini skill to find and hold the emotional security you so desperately need. At your worse you will remain the glib and skillful player who wins at every romantic game except the one that counts.



Our celebrity examples of The Technician of Cuddly Love include football great, O.J. Simpson (born July 9, 1981 adb.) Simpson’s obsessive relationship with his ex-wife, Nicole, resulted in one of the most famous murder trials of the Twentieth Century. Another example of this type is the Jazz Age entertainer, Josephine Baker (June 3, 1906 adb.) Baker rose to fame in Paris in the 1920s and 30s because of her unique combination of athleticism, sexiness and comedy. She loved many men, quite often very rich men, but none of her infatuations matched her love for her adopted country, France, and for the numerous children of all races she adopted into her “rainbow tribe.”

Other examples include body-builder, actor and governor Arnold Schwarzenegger(born July 30, 1947 adb,) who destroyed his storybook marriage to Marie Shriver with an affair with his housekeeper, actress Meryl Streep (born June 22, 1949 adb,) "Captain America" star Chis Evans (born June 13, 1981 wik,) and actress Natalie Portman (born June 9, 1981 wik)· One of the saddest examples of this category is Zelda Fitzgerald (born July 24, 1900 adb.) In the company of her novelist husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda came to epitome of the fun-loving, care-free, modern woman (or “flapper”) during the 1920s but once the roaring 20s ended her marriage quickly soured partly because of Zelda’s growing mental instability.·

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