If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Technician of Hot Love

Your greatest strength is your aggressiveness and you are at your best when you are making a conquest. Some people might find your approach too direct and egocentric. They might even be startled by your bold, unrepentant desire. But when you are motivated to love, you are so charming, so dynamic, so dazzling that you have a way of making even the most stubborn fault finder forget how to say no.

The problem for you is what comes after the conquest. Once you get past the thrill of victory your interest in the object of you desire often wanes and you become restless and self-involved. At your worst this restlessness causes you to move from relationship to relationship without developing any lasting bonds. It’s the smarter Lovers among you will come to understand that there is no greater challenge, and no sweeter victory than finding a way to win the love of that same special person day after day after day.



Examples of The Technician of Hot Love include the Italian poet and novelist, Gabriele D’Annunzio (born March 12, 1863 adb.) Though he married young, D’Annunzio quickly tired of married life and began pursuing women all over Europe. Among his many conquests was one of the most desirable women of the age, Italian actress, Eleonora Duse. Duse, like many of the women who slept with D’Annunzio, was shocked when she read accounts of their love-making, along with vivid and none too kind descriptions of her body in her lovers published writings.·

·Another Italian example of this type did not have to write poetry in order to get the attention of women. The model, Fabio (born March 15, 1959 adb) only had to take off his shirt and pose for countless romance novel covers in order to become the idol of a generation of breathless readers. Still another man from this category who has found himself surrounded by admiring females was the rapper, Flavor Flav (born March 16, 1959 wik.) As the star of the reality show Flavor of Love, Flav was given the daunting task of choosing his next girlfriend from a coterie of lovely and very competitive young women.

Other examples of this type are comedian Tom Arnold (born March 6, 1959 adb,) who was formerly married to Roseanne Barr, African-American singer and actor, Harry Belafonte (born March 1, 1927 adb) former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair (born May 6, 1953 adb) and call girl turned singer and newspaper columnist, Ashley Dupre’ (born Apr. 30, 1985 wik) whose involvement with Eliot Spitzer caused a political fire storm.

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