Your Mars/Venus Combination

Where Was Venus At Your Birth?


Okay, so now you know what your Mars Sign has to say, but that’s only half the story. In relationships Mars works in combination with Venus. You need both to make a love affair. You need both to make even a passing flirtation. Mars provides the spark, the desire. Venus gives us the allure, the playful back-and-forth of romance. No one can go far in relating to another human being, at any level, without using both Mars and Venus.


TO FIND YOUR VENUS SIGN, click on this link, Where Was Venus At Your Birth? There you will find a list of dates when Venus changed signs. The list covers the periods between 1950 and 2024 when Mars was in Gemini. 


Then click on the corresponding Mars/Venus combination under Mars in Gemini to read your complete Mars/Venus profile.


If this were in-depth astrology, we would filter what Mars and Venus have to say through the influences of the Sun and the Moon. We would also look at the Rising Sign, aspects and 10 or 20 other things. But we’re· having fun here. So let’s keep it simple and focus on how Mars and Venus combine to form the core of your sexual/romantic profile.


Don’t forget to pay attention to the celebrity examples of each Mars/Venus combination. Remember that there are a total of 144 different Mars/Venus types. That means that if your Mars/Venus type is the same as say, Brad Pitt or Scarlet Johansson, it might just be something to brag about. Of course, if you draw the Marquis de Sade or Charles Manson, you don’t have to tell a soul. Either way, have fun.


The birth dates provided in this section come from three primary sources: Astrodatabank (adb), Wikipedia (wik) or the Internet Movie Database (imdb.) In most cases, though not in all, the dates were verified by other biographical sources.

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