If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Sedate Slave of Love

Self-control is always an important concern for you because you are the most conservative AND the most sensual Mars in Capricorn Lover. This completely physical approach to sex means your body is uniquely responsive to erotic stimuli and if you just let nature take its course, you can become a slave to pleasure—or at least you think so. Thus you work hard to keep your powerful physical urges under control and try, with varying degrees of success, to honor the rules of convention.

At your worst you can be an inflexible and self-indulgent Lover, all too quick to condemn the indiscretions of others while turning a blind eye to your own exorbitant sensuality. But at your best you combine a hard-headed practical approach to sex with a pervasive sweetness. You have a remarkable capacity for kindness and for doing the simple, practical things that make relationships work and create bonds. Combined with your phenomenal sex drive, this old-fashioned gentleness and consideration make you a Lover well worth keeping.



Our examples of The Sedate Slave of Love include two very famous and very different actors. John Wayne (May 26, 1907adb) made his reputation playing tough, all-American heroes and yet all of his wives were of Spanish or Mexican descent and all of the marriages were troubled. His first wife would not respond to him sexually. His second wife was obsessively jealous and a drunk. His third wife was much younger and her increasing independence eventually tore their marriage apart.··

Marlon Brando (born April 3, 1924 adb) presented a very different image of American manhood, more urban, rebellious and sexier. He was ardently pursued by members of both sexes and frequently allowed himself to be caught; but for his more permanent relationships he chose foriegn-born women (Latin, Indian and Tahitian) who were both earthy and troublesome.

Other examples include writer Thomas Mann (born June 6, 1875 adb) singer Sarah Vaughn (born March 27, 1924 wik,) and Joey Buttafuoco (born March 11, 1956 wik,) the car body shop owner who became famous when his teenage girlfriend, Amy Fisher, shot his wife. Despite his wife’s nearly fatal injury, years of media scrutiny and a jail sentence for statutory rape, Buttafuoco’s marriage survived for eight more years.

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