If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Salacious Slave of Love

You are the Mars in Capricorn Lover who has the most difficulty keeping his or her sex life under control. This is unfortunate since you are also the Mars in Capricorn Lover to whom this control is most crucial. It’s not that you don’t try to hold to your essential conservatism, but with your devastating sexual allure, the temptation to do otherwise is sometimes just too great. And once you lower your guard and all that erotic madness is let loose, it’s hard to go back to being careful again.

Of course, since you are the sexiest of the Mars in Capricorn Lovers, you generally have ways to controlling a relationship other than just being careful. You have a marvelous knack for making people fall in love with you and it’s hard for you not to take advantage of that power. This might cause some people to regard you as high handed and manipulative but, since few people understand the complexities and awesome power of the sex instinct as well as you do, having you in charge of a relationship is typically a good thing. You can guide those willing to be led to sex that is both emotionally sustaining and physically pleasurable.



Our celebrity examples of The Salacious Slave of Love include two great sex symbols from an era before there were sex symbols. The first is Eleonora Duse (born Oct. 3, 1858 adb.) Duse was one of the most renowned actresses of her day. After a having her heart broken in her teens by an older actor, Duse chose her lovers was with care. She preferred intelligent, cultured men and conducted her affairs with discretion. Unfortunately, the great love of her life turned out to be the sexually voracious Gabriele D’Annunzio who had no compunction about describing the intimate details of their relationship in his novels and poetry.·

The second is the Hungarian born pianist and composer Franz Liszt (born Oct. 22, 1811 adb.) As a performer Liszt achieved rock star status during his time and he had affairs with some of the most beautiful women in Europe. He was practical, however, and when he slipped away from the hotel room of the fiery actress, Lola Montez, he left money behind to pay for the furniture he knew she world break when she found out that he was gone.

More contemporary examples include actress Katie Holmes (born Dec. 18, 1978 wik,) wife for Tom Cruise, punk rocker Patti Smith (born Dec. 30, 1946 adb,) singer and early paramour of Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull (born Dec.29, 1946 wik,) whose laissez-faire approach of sex and drugs seemed perfectly in tune with the 1960s until they overwhelmed her. Also we have legendary comedian Groucho Marx (born Oct. 2, 1890 adb,) actress Anne Hathaway (born Nov. 12, 1982 wik) and political strategist Dick Morris (Nov. 28, 1948 wik) who was Bill Clinton’s chief political strategist until his patronage of a high-class hooker and his kinky foot fetish were revealing in the tabloids. Forced to resign, Morris became a conservative columnist noted for his vitriol.

A much quieter example of this type is the beloved English author Jane Austen (Dec. 16, 1775 adb.)

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