If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .


The Saucy Slave of Love

You are the most impulsive Lover of this type and the one most likely to forget practicality and follow your instincts. This spontaneity, when combined with your strong physical drives, makes you a tremendously exciting, adventurous and unpredictable sex partner. It also gets you into more than your share of trouble. But acting in haste and repenting in leisure is not a problem for you. Like all Mars in Capricorn Lovers, you rather like repenting.

What is lacking in your sexual nature is subtlety. You pursue your desire with such directness and determination that you can appear inconsiderate and crude and you don’t control your relationships as much as you bully people into seeing things your way. The good new is that you are so affectionate and generous a Lover that you are easily forgiven your sins. The bad news is that this quick forgiveness only makes you more likely to commit the same offense again and again.



Examples of The Saucy Slave of Love include several pop singers, including Nicki Minaj (born Dec. 8, 1982 wik) Katy Perry (born Oct. 25, 1984 wik) rock icon David Bowie (born Jan. 8, 1947 adb) and pop singer Christina Aguilera (born Dec. 18, 1980 adb,) who shocked many when she abandoned her upbeat, Disney image and began displaying both her body and her gritty take on sex to the public. She later toned down this “dirty girl” image and cultivated a more classic and professional approach.

Another Christina in this group is heiress Christina Onassis (born Dec. 11, 1950.) The unloved daughter of Aristotle Onassis, Christine spent her life trying to earn, if not her father’s affection, the affection of someone of the same gender. Since she was not pretty, she had plastic surgery. Since there are only so many hours in the day, she maintained a steady diet of uppers and downers. Since men usually did not pursue her, she pursued them. Since her wealth seemed to get in the way, she set her sights on men who (theoretically at least) did not need her billions. Despite all her efforts, Christine Onassis never found the love and undivided attention she craved. She died of a heart attack at 37.

Other examples include Mexican painter Diego Rivera (born Dec. 8, 1886 adb,) whose marriage to another Mars in Capricorn Lover, Frida Kahlo, became a battle of wills that he usually lost. Also in this group we have actor Jake Gyllenhaal (born Dec. 19, 1980 wik,) actor Samuel L. Jackson (born Dec. 21, 1948 wik,) and comedian and television star Roseanne Barr (born Nov. 3, 1952 adb).

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