If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Libra

you are . . .


The Idealistic Slave of Love

There is an intellectual fury about the way you approach love and sex that can be hard to take. You expect a lot out of your partners. The good news is that you have the charm and grace to get the most out of every relationship and every partner. You are almost obscenely easy to love and people want to please you. The bad news is that no matter how determined  your Beloved may be, or how well-schooled in the arts of love, it is rarely enough to completely satisfy your high standards.


Though you are a hard lover to please, what often goes unnoticed is just how confused you are about your own sexuality. Torn between an earthy desire for pleasure and a romantic image of love, you often have trouble deciding which brass ring you want to grab for. This sexual dichotomy can cause you a lot of frustration, particularly since you are not a person who does well alone. Often it is necessary for you to give up on finding the perfect partner and settle for someone who can be trained.



Celebrity examples of The Idealistic Love Slave include television personality Anna Nicole Smith (born Nov. 28, 1967 adb,) the busty stripper who rose from white trash to media darling through the calculated use of silicone, seduction and shameless self-promotion. Noted both for her marriage to James Howard Marshall II (who was 62 years her senior) and her sleazy reality show (in which she frequently talked about her exorbitant appetite for sex,) Smith had many lovers of both genders but never found anyone capable of putting her chaotic lifestyle in order.· She died of an accidental drug overdose at 39.

Also in this group we have comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel (born Nov. 13, 1967 wik,) whose comic breakup with fellow comedian Sarah Silverman became a YouTube phenomena, singer Elvis Costello (born Aug. 25, 1954 wik) and actor and filmmaker Woody Allen (born Dec. 1, 1935 adb.) Allen’s reputation took a tumble after his long time girlfriend, Mia Farrow, with whom he had fathered one child and adopted another, discovered photographs of the 55 year-old star having sex with her teenage adopted daughter. This resulted in one of the messiest non-marital breakups in history with Farrow accusing Allen of child abuse and Allen questioning Farrow’s sanity.· Another Idealistic Slave of Love whose career was damaged by allegations of sexual abuse is Armie Hammer (born Aug. 28, 1986 adb).

Certainly the darkest example of this type is the writer and occultist Aleister Crowley (born Oct. 12, 1875 adb.) Billing himself as the most evil man in the world, Crowley displayed a remarkable knack for destroying the lives of people who loved him as he traveled the globe looking for magical lore and mountains to climb. Most of his lovers were drawn into his practice of magic; in particular sex magic and few emerged from his presence unscathed. Even Crowley had his problems living up to his billing. He died in poverty with a heroin habit though, even this reduced state, Crowley still had women willing to support him and assist him in his magical rites.

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