If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Strutting Slave of Love

For you sex is a grand and glorious expression of the joy of life, followed by periods of withering self-criticism and guilt. No Lover can top you when it comes to raw sexual energy but you long for a sexual experience that you can be proud of and love that can take you to a higher level, qualities you are unlikely to find in the common, grunting physicality of your Mars in Capricorn sexuality. So sex often leaves you feeling disappointed and maybe a little dirty. Of course, truth be told, that’s just the way you like it.

It is important you to win the adoration of the person you love and to be seen as a Lover who is generous, noble and kind. This is usually not a problem given your self-confidence and enormous capacity for charm. Unfortunately, you also need to be the person in control of your relationships and this control is often so important to you that you are tempted to get it by any means necessary. If you are wise, you will recognize that control that can’t be won by charm and kindness is probably not going to do you much good.



Again, this is a relatively rare combination of Mars and Venus and our examples are limited. We have the actress and Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan (born July 2, 1986 wik,) actor and tan master George Hamilton (born Aug. 12, 1939 adb) and composer Gustav Mahler (born July 1, 1860 wik,) who married the most beautiful girl in Vienna but could only have sex with her after she had gone to sleep.


Another example of The Strutting Slave of Love is the great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy (born Sept. 9, 1828.) Born with considerable wealth, Tolstoy had a wild and randy bachelorhood but he was plagued by continual quilt because of his sexual excesses and sought relief in a marriage to a much younger woman who was somewhat below him in terms of class. His new wife, Sonja, mistakenly thought she was going to be an intellectual partner with her genius husband. Instead, she became his secretary, transcribing War and Peace three times. Tolstoy also had his wife read his old journals detailing his sexual adventures with prostitutes and the peasant girls on his estate. Sonja bore these indignities but she protested loudly when, in his 60s, the great writer began advocating a life of poverty and absolute chastity. As the mother of 13 children who was still submitting to her husband’s demands for sex, she was quick to point out the massive hypocrisy of Tolstoy’s positions. Tolstoy found his wife’s disaffection very disturbing and professed a profound disapproval of women in general. He left Sonja when he was 82 and died few weeks later.

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