If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Pragmatic Love Addict

You are the Mars in Pisces Lover least likely to be carried away by your erotic compulsions.  You are better able than most Lovers of this type to view sex and your emotional reaction to it with an intellectual distance and even with a sense of humor. The irrational excesses of your sexual nature rarely take you by surprise and you are very practical and matter-of-fact in dealing with the problems caused by these excesses. Some might expect your capacity for cool analysis would make you better behaved and less vulnerable Mars in Pisces Lover but it rarely does.

Commitment comes easily for you but so does disengagement. Even though you can love with unmitigated intensity for a while, you lack staying power and no Mars in Pisces Lover is more susceptible emotional flights of fancy and romantic distractions. At your best, you can be the most pliant and physically affectionate Lover of this type—someone who can make the most mundane act of kindness a token of deepest love. At your worst, you are simply not “there.”




Again, we are dealing with a rare combination of Mars and Venus and the examples are sparse. We have famed tennis champion Martina Navratilova (born Oct. 18, 1956 adb.) Navratilova quickly won over American fans when she defected from communist Czechoslovakia but after she was “outed” as a lesbian and then sued by a disgruntled former lover many of her lucrative product endorsements were withdrawn. Navratilova went on to become active in the fight for equal rights for gays


Also in this group is actress and writer Carrie Fisher (born Oct. 21, 1956 adb,) noted for her frank account of her battles with alcoholism, drug addiction and her bi-polar personality and the way these problems have played havoc with her relationships. A third example of The Pragmatic Love Addict is country singer and actor Dwight Yoakam (born Oct. 23, 1956 adb.)

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