If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Stalwart Slave of Love

You are the earthiest Lover of this very earthy type. Sex is an elemental force in your life; so visceral, so primitive that at times it overwhelms you. Of course, very few people know this because you are such a conservative Lover and you are so good at concealing your true feelings. This sexual reserve and distaste for display can make it difficult for you to find a partner who equals your sexual intensity but, when you do, he or she is in for a very pleasant surprise.

Your concern for the physical aspects of sex and practical attention to issues like duty and loyalty within a relationship often makes you seem insensitive to the emotional side love. You understand that feelings are an important part of the equation; you just don’t always remember where you left yours. You are a very steady Lover who can be counted on to support you Beloved in any time of crisis. But if the crisis involves tears or throwing dishes you will most likely be providing that support from a safe distance.



Males seem to dominate our examples of The Stalwart Slave of Love. We have actor Brad Pitt (born Dec. 18, 1963 adb,) who surprised his fans when he abandoned his seemingly prefect marriage with Jennifer Aniston and immediately took up with the sexy Angelina Jolie, comedian and actor Jim Carrey (born Jan. 17, 1962 adb) and Prince Andrew (born Feb. 19, 1960 adb) the once wayward son of Elizabeth II. Also in this group we have Walt Disney (born Dec. 5, 1901 adb) and actor, playwright and composer Noel Coward (born Dec. 16, 1899 adb.)

Our two female examples include the Icelandic singer Bjork (born Nov. 21, 1965 wik) and the bi-sexual supermodel Gia Carangi (born Jan. 29, 1960 wik,) known for her self-destructive behavior and early demise.

The oddest example of this type is the British art critic and activist John Ruskin (born Feb. 8, 1819 adb.) Ruskin was unable to consummate his marriage with his young wife because of his engrained inhibitions about sex. This private matter became a public scandal when his wife fell in love with a painter and filed for divorce. In order to be granted the divorce, she had to admit in court that Ruskin maintained his chastity by masturbating every night before he came to bed.

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