If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Untamed Slave of Love


You are a Mars in Capricorn Lover who knows exactly what you want from sex. Unfortunately, you seldom let yourself have it. Even though your approach to sex is straightforward and forthright to the extreme, your energies are often misdirected and your efforts self-defeating. Love is often like a punishment for you. The good news: that’s the way you like it.

The really odd thing about your sexuality is your optimism. No matter how much trouble love brings you, you never lose your confidence or your taste for sexual adventure. You are among the most energetic and demonstrative of the Mars in Capricorn Lovers. You tend to be competitive and sometimes a little pushy where sex is concerned and you are not afraid to go after a challenging relationship. It is this ability to shake off the past and believe in love all over again that is your most charming quality. Of course, some might call it your most foolish quality.



Among our examples of The Untamed Slave of Love we have three women who suffered through difficult relationships. Katharine Hepburn (born May 12, 1907adb,) despite her feisty feminism and patrician background, devoted herself to loving and taking care of the belligerent, alcoholic and very married Spencer Tracy, going so far as to sleep on the floor outside his hotel room when he was on a bender and unwilling to let her in.·

Jean Harlow (born March 3, 1911 adb) was one of the greatest sex symbols of the early days of cinema and but her love life was just as complex as Hepburn’s. Her second husband was to studio executive Paul Bern. Harlow was drawn to Bern because of his intelligence and sensitivity. What she didn’t know until her wedding night, was that he was physically incapable of having sex with a woman. When he committed suicide, Harlow became dangerously promiscuous. She married a third time but interference from her mother put and early end to this relationship. Harlow’s long engagement to actor William Powell seemed hopeful but her illness, and her mother’s refusal to allow her to see a doctor (Harlow’s mother was a Christian Scientist) doomed both this relationship and, in the end, Harlow herself.

Finally, we have Mia Farrow (born Feb. 9, 1945 adb,) whose long relationship with fellow Mars in Capricorn Lover, Woody Allen, exploded into a monumental scandal when Farrow learned Allen was having sex with her adopted daughter.

Other examples of this type are the legendary actor Laurence Olivier (born May 22, 1907 adb,) who suffered through a turbulent marriage to the volatile and, at times, mentally deranged Vivien Leigh,·flamboyantly bi-sexual pop star Lady Gaga (born Mar. 28, 1986 wik,) comedian and author Chelsea Handler (born Feb. 25, 1975 imdb) whose turned her exceptionally varied sex life into a best-seller (My Horizontal Life) and Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879 adb.)

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