If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius 

you are . . .

The Visionary Slave of Love

You are the least physical of the Mars in Capricorn Lovers and the most unconventional. You approach sex with a great deal of intellectual curiosity and you look for partners who share your openness and willingness to experiment. Typically, however, you are careful to avoid behavior that is extreme or destructive and very often your rebellions are calculated to fit into a larger plan. You would like to think that sex can be a more than a grungy physical release and you try hard to link your erotic life with a higher, moral purpose. Of course, if you fail, you’ve always got all that nasty, regular sex to fall back on.

You are idealistic about relationships. You want your partner to represent something beyond the ordinary and if they can not, you often try to mold them into someone who can. These efforts are not always welcome and sometimes drive away the people most likely to love you but, once you have set your standards, you pursue them with cold and even dictatorial resolve. You do better when you concentrate on the human qualities of your Beloved and allow your sexuality to be led by your ideals rather than driven by them.



Our examples of The Visionary Slave of Love start with two remarkable women. Marlene Dietrich (born Dec. 27, 1901 adb) was an actress and singer who could be just as sexy in a tuxedo as she was in an evening gown. She maintained a cordial marriage while she entertained a long list of famous lovers of both genders. Despite her liberated lifestyle, Dietrich seemed to relish opportunities to scrub floors, play “hausfrau” and smother her partners with motherly affection.

Then we have Cosima Liszt Wagner (born Dec. 24, 1837 adb.) The illegitimate daughter of composer Franz Liszt, she first married composer Hans von Bulow. When Bulow failed to lift his music above the ordinary, Cosima moved on to become the lover and later the wife of Bulow’s idol, Richard Wagner. Her selfless advocacy of her second husband’s career helped establish Wagner as a legendary composer.

Other examples include religious visionary Joseph Smith (born Dec. 23, 1805 adb,) who believed he had holy authorization to take multiple wives. actor Nicholas Cage (born Jan. 7, 1964 adb,) who capped a life long obsession with Elvis Presley by marrying (and then divorcing his daughter,) actor Timothee Chalamet (born Dec. 27, 1995 wik), actor and author Gene Hackman (born Jan. 30, 1930 adb) and artist Henri Matisse (born Dec. 31, 1869 adb.) While so many artists of his time painted their wives and paramours and sex objects, Matisse’s portraits of Madam Matisse show a woman with great strength of character. How correct Matisse was in his estimation of his wife was revealed many years later when Madam Matisse was imprisoned and interrogated by the Gestapo because her involvement with the French Resistance during World War II.

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