If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Down-to-Earth Liberator


You are the most earthbound of the Mars in Aquarius Lovers. You long for flights of idealized affection and relationships based solely on deep, intellectual partnership but the physicality of your sexual nature and your old-fashioned horniness continually gets in the way. At times this will cause you to appear confused and uncertain in sexual situations — a Lover lost between the desire for sensual gratification and a need for love that serves a purpose beyond the personal.

This confusion is by no means a permanent condition. The combination of your practicality and your intellectual approach to romance allows you to learn from mistakes.  It might take you a while and you will require just the right kind of partner but you will find a way to master, or at least manage, your divergent needs. With a little work, you can become the best of both worlds, a wise and experienced Lover who can both inspire the mind and satisfy the body.



Leading off our examples of The Down-to-Earth Liberator we once again have two famous comedians: off-beat funny man and provocateur Andy Kaufman (born Jan. 17, 1949 adb) and John Belushi (born Jan. 23, 1949 adb,) the Saturday Night Live alum who delighted audiences with his frenetic antics. As his career skyrocketed, Belushi sought refuge from the pressure in drugs, particularly cocaine. It was only watchfulness his wife, Judy, that kept him away from temptation. When the task of protecting Belushi from his own addictions became too daunting and Judy temporarily withdrew, the legendary comic succumbed to an overdose of cocaine and heroin.

Other examples include actress Scarlett Johansson (born Nov. 22, 1984 wik) and singer and actor Justin Timberlake (born Jan. 31, 1981 wik,) who were once thought by the gossips to be a couple. Timberlake has been paired with other female celebrities, beginning with his teenage romance with pop star Britney Spears, then his long affair with Cameron Diaz· (who was almost 10 years his senior) and his current girlfriend, Jessica Biel.

Also in this category we have novelist Sinclair Lewis (born Feb. 7, 1885 adb,) who rose to fame describing the foibles of small-town America but never quite got over his own bucolic roots. As a young man Lewis was hopelessly awkward when it came to romance and he didn’t marry until he was 29. For a time this marriage, to another writer, seemed very strong but once Lewis became famous after the publication of Main Street, he quickly fell prey to the temptations his new position in life afforded him and, after several broken promises to reform; his infidelities finally destroyed his once happy marriage.




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