If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Mobile Home Body

You are the Mars in Cancer Lover most likely to be surprised by the depths of your emotional response to sex. At first glance it all seems so easy for you. People respond immediately to your unspoken sex appeal and you seem capable of subtly dominating every relationship without even trying. And then it happens. You stare into someone’s eyes a little too long; you open your heart a little too wide and then . . . whoosh . . . you are carried of into a strange land of emotional obsession and desperate dependency and you have no idea how you got there.

Even though you may not always understand the emotional extremes of your sexual nature, you have the innate practically to keep them in perspective. After all, the ability to love whole-heartedly and without qualification certainly has its advantages. When you find a relationship that allows you to express this love in an atmosphere to security and acceptance, you are clever enough to hold on to it for dear life. And when a relationship loses these qualities, when you feel your enormous capacity for love has become cramped and compromised, you are flexible enough to leave.



Our primary example of The Mobile Home Body is the Swedish-born actress Ingrid Bergman (born Aug. 29, 1915 adb.) Bergman was much in demand as a leading lady in the 1940s and, along the way; she had several affairs with her various leading men while carefully maintaining her relationship with her Swedish husband. Then, when she as 32, Bergman met the Italian director Roberto Rossellini and was swept off her feet. Bergman left her husband and her child to join Rossellini in Italy. Her American audience was so shocked by this open affront to morality that Bergman was virtually banned from making films in the U.S. for many years.

Like Bergman, Natalie Wood (born July 20, 1938 adb) was prone to affairs with her co-stars as well as many other men but she couldn’t resist the call of marriage and family. Her first attempt at a story-book marriage with Robert Wagner failed with both parties going off to find new lovers and make new marriages. Then, ten years later, Wood and Wagner decided to take another stab at being man and wife. This union lasted until Wood’s tragic death at the age of 43.

Other celebrity examples of this category are the Austrailain actor noted for his role as "Thor", Chris Helmsworth (born Aug. 11, 1983 wik) singer John Mayer (born Oct. 16, 1977 wik,) comic Robin Williams (born July 21, 1951 adb,) and playwright Clifford Odets, (born July 18, 1906 adb,) noted for his socialist convictions and his taste for beautiful and troubled young actresses (fellow Mars in Cancer Lover Frances Farmer being the most notable example,) In this catagory we also have pop singer Alecia Beth Moore, better known as Pink (born Sept. 8, 1979 wik) and novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch (born July 15, 1919 adb,) who wrote that love was “the extremely difficult realization that something other than one’s self is real.”

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