If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Hedonistic Home Body

You are an easy-going Mars in Cancer Lover who doesn’t like to rush. You avoid the emotional extremes of other Lovers of this type because you are more practical and more inclined to concentrate on the pleasures of the body rather than the angst of your inner child. This makes you one of the sexiest of the Mars in Cancer Lovers, a person who combines layers and layers of emotional complexity with a surface that is totally devoted to fun. By nature you are a quiet, conservative Lover but your love of pleasure often gets in the way of this cautious approach and brings you much more attention than you would like

Your appreciation of physical pleasure combined with your emotional sensitivity can make you doubly dependent upon the person you love. Material security is just as important as emotional security to you and you will expect your Beloved to provide you with both. These high expectations not only limit your choice of partners, they place you in a very vulnerable position if you make the wrong choice. Fortunately, you are a very practical Lover, as well as an extremely cautious one, and you rarely find yourself at a disadvantage for long.



Our primary example of The Hedonist Home Body is the French poet, artist and film-maker, Jean Cocteau (born July 5, 1889 adb.) Cocteau gained recognition in the Parisian art scene when he was still a young man and he placed himself at the center of intellectual revolution that became modern art. Though his homosexuality was well-known, Cocteau remained coy about accepting this label, spreading rumors about youthful flings with various women and calling his young male companions his “adopted sons.” When his favorite among these companions broke his heart, Cocteau sought solace in opium and this addiction stunted his artistic production.

A less effete example is the punk rocker Sid Vicious (born May 10, 1957 adb.) As a member of the late 1970s band called The Sex Pistols, Vicious was expected to be rude, violent and self-indulgent. He became a heroin addict and developed an intense relationship with another addict, Nancy Spungeon. During one session in which both were high, Vicious stabbed Spungeon for reasons unknown. While he was waiting to stand trial for her murder the musician died of an overdose. Another musician with a bad reputaton in this group is Chris Brown (born May 5, 1988 wik)

To move on to some more prosaic examples, we have Kendra Wilkinson (born June 12, 1985 wik,) Playboy model, author and television paramour of Hugh Hefner, Jamie Lynn Spears (born April 4, 1991 mdb,) the younger sister of Britney who became a television star and an unwed mother at the tender age of 16.· Other examples include Jane Russell (born June 21, 1921 adb,) the film star from the 1950s known for her prominent bust, and Tim Curry (born April, 19, 1946 mdb) who became famous playing a transvestite in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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