If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Basically Scandalous Lover

You are the sexiest Mars in Virgo Lover, the one who knows that there’s more to proper lovemaking than the pleasure of the moment. Your sensuality runs deep, touching the psychological roots of desire and the yearnings of the soul. You are always alert to your partner’s feelings and moods and you have a capacity for slow seduction that is rare in this type.  However, it is not how good you are that makes you such a desirable partner—it’s how bad you can be.

Sex is never quite as simple for you as it is for most Mars in Virgo Lovers. You see sex as a complex layering of desire, love and power. You don’t have to have power over your partner in order to enjoy sex but, with your irresistible sexual allure and your instinctive understanding the mechanisms of desire it is easy for you to achieve any level of control you want. There is a dark side to your sexual nature that sometimes lures you to use this power in a cruel and destructive fashion but, more often than not, this delicious hint of danger only serves to make you more attractive.



Our celebrity examples of this type include some very sexy and positive people such as television star (Desperate Housewives) Teri Hatcher (born Dec. 8, 1964 wik,) Australian born actor Hugh Jackman (born Oct. 12, 1968 wik) and American actor Matt Damon (born Oct. 8, 1970 adb.)

However, this group also includes some examples that are far less positive. First we have Shannon Wilsey, the porn star better known as Savannah (born Oct. 9, 1970 adb.) This beautiful blond was much in demand in the early 1990s even though her “acting” during sex scenes was remarkably unenthusiastic. She was also known for her wild love affairs with various rock stars. But when a car accident marred her face and the party seemed to ending, this dispondent young woman committed suicide. Then there is the British writer Norman Douglas (born Dec. 8, 1868 wik.) Into his mid 30s Douglas was known as a lady’s man who had steamy affairs all across Europe and only got married when, according to his own claim, he became bored with sex. Then he moved to the island of Capri and discovered boys. During the second half of his life all of Douglas’ sexual contacts were homosexual and his partners most often impoverished teenagers. Finally we have the career criminal and mass murderer Charles Manson (born Nov. 12, 1934 adb) who showed the world the very darkest side of Venus in Scorpio’s hypnotic sexual allure.

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