If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Sagittarius 

you are . . .

The Home-on-the-Range Body

You are the most restless and probably the most sensitive of the Mars in Cancer Lovers. Long term relationships are difficult for you because everyone with whom you become intimate for any length of time develops some habit or quirk or pattern of behavior that simply drives you crazy. You need the emotional security of a steady, caring mate. You need someone with whom you can feel comfortable and protected, someone to whom you can reveal your deep feelings of dependency, but how can you find such a person when they’re all so darn irritating.

Unlike most lovers of this type, the deep emotional connections you crave do not always have to be linked to sexual intimacy. It’s nice when they are. You will obviously feel more fulfilled and the relationship will probably be stronger, but relating to someone from a distance is often much easier for you. You are the most independent of the Mars in Cancer Lovers and you don’t always need someone there to hold your hand through every crisis as long as you know that when you really, really need the love it will be available to you.



This is one of the rare types and our examples are somewhat limited. The primary example is the Austrian singer and actress, Lotte Lenya (born Oct. 18, 1898 wik.) Lenya came from a poor, rough environment and was working as a prostitute in Vienna by the time she was 11. Her marriage to Kurt Weill (composer of The Three-Penny Opera) was unusual both because they came from very different backgrounds (Weill was a child of the middle-class) and because they had very different ideas about sex. Weill was focused on his music while Lenya had multiple affairs with both men and women. Still the marriage was a happy one and Lenya remained emotionally dependent upon Weill until his death.

Other examples of The Home-on-the-Range Body in D-listed comedienne Kathy Griffin (born Nov. 4, 1960 mdb) and science fiction writer Neil Gaiman (born Nov. 10, 1960 wik.) This combination also includes two noted criminals. There’s Perry Smith (born Oct. 27, 1928 adb,) the sensitive and troubled young murderer profiled by Truman Capote in his book, In Cold Blood, and William Heirens (born Nov. 15, 1928 adb,) who began as a sneak thief, stealing women’s panties and then started killing the women who owned them. On the bedroom wall of one his victims he wrote the famous plea, “Catch me before I kill more.”