If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Basically Scrumptious Lover

You are the least practical Mars in Virgo Lover and the most susceptible to the joys of the flesh. Sex is always an emotional, as well as a physical outlet for you and even the most passing flirtation carries with it tatters of feeling and unrealized dreams of ecstasy. The problem is that the last person to realize this deep connection between the physical and the psychological is often you. You  go along thinking sex a simple thing, all about sensation and physical pleasure when, in fact, you are weaving a web of emotional connections and psychological drama so complex and compelling that it entraps everyone within your reach.

On the positive side, few partners will object to being caught in your web. You are the sexiest and most alluring of all the Mars in Virgo Lovers as well as being the kindest and most agreeable. In fact, many may consider you the perfect Lover — a gentle, affable soul with a strong, earthy sex drive — but you are also a very delicate Lover and without the protection and adoration of a strong partner you are apt to slip into a cycle of physical over-indulgence and emotional pain and regret. For you sex without love can become both addictive and psychologically dangerous.



Our examples of The Basically Scrumptious Lover include actor William Holden (born April 17, 1918 adb.) Disappointed after his break-up with Audrey Hepburn, Holden vowed to sleep with at least one woman in every country he visited during his extensive travels. He apparently achieved this goal but found that Hepburn was not impressed.

Another example of this type noted for his sexual excesses was the German industrialist, Friedrich Alfred “Fritz” Krupp (born Feb. 17, 1854 wik.) After inheriting a fortune created by his father’s arms manufacturing empire, Krupp abandoned his wife and made the island of Capri his private homosexual sex club. His wild parties became so flamboyant, with boys dressed a monks and cannons firing that accounts of them eventually reached the German press. With the scandal ready to break, Krupp suddenly died, officially of natural causes but likely a suicide.

A more contemporary example is the rock singer Alice Cooper (born Feb. 4, 1948 adb.) Cooper’s act mixed sex, horror and occultism with an outrageous knack for showmanship and made him a rock-and-roll icon of the madcap 1970s. Unfortunately, Cooper arrived at the end of his glory days a hopeless alcoholic. After a long struggle and with the help of his wife (whom he married in 1976) the venerable shock-rocker was able survive his addiction and watch as a whole new generation of musicians in make-up and leather appropriated his shtick.

Others examples include veteran British actor Michael Caine (born March 14, 1933 adb,) comedian and talk show host Jay Leno (born Apr. 28, 1950 adb,) actress Barbara Hershey (born Feb. 5, 1948 adb,) pop star Peter Frampton (born April 22, 1950 adb) and musician, producer and composer Quincy Jones (born March 14, 1933 adb.)

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