If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Ideal Home Body

No Lover expects more from love than you do. For you, love is the highest ideal possible and sex is a rapture that exalts your being at every level: mind, body and soul. This makes you a Lover to be reckoned with—someone who is completely focused on the relationship. The intensity of your approach can make life very difficult for those who love you. You won’t stand for halfway measures and you demand a level of commitment that will make many shy away. But when you love, you do so with such utter devotion that the brave few who stick with you will have no regrets.

It is not unusual for the intense emotionality that characterizes your love life to spill over into your philosophical and spiritual beliefs. When this happens you become a particular potent and thoroughly devoted idealist. Of course, you expect the person you love to share your idealism and you can become quite resentful when they don’t. At some point the question is going to be asked; “What do you love more, the ideas in your head or the person sleeping beside you?”  That’s a question you probably don’t want to answer too quickly.



Our primary example of The Ideal Home Body is the writer D. H. Lawrence (born Sept. 11, 1885 adb.) When Lawrence met Frieda von Richthofen Weekley, the wife of an English professor, he was sure that he had met the embodiment of the sexually liberated woman of his dreams. He insisted that Frieda leave her husband and children and become his “natural” wife. She agreed but refused to surrender her liberated approach to sex. Her many infidelities challenged Lawrence’s beliefs and often led to loud and violent confrontations but the couple remained together until Lawrence’s death.

Artist Pablo Picasso (born Oct 25, 1881 adb,) found inspiration in his lady loves. Unfortunately, his constantly evolving style required him to constantly change female companions. Thus he moved from a robust working class girl to a delicate ballerina to a morose intellectual to a voluptuous earth-mother.· What is remarkable about Picasso's several wives and paramours is that he was absolutely devoted to each in turn.·

Other examples of this type are actor Richard Gere (born Aug. 31, 1949 adb,) troubled actress Vivian Leigh (born Nov. 5, 1913 adb) and French existentialist writer Albert Camus (born Nov. 7, 1913 adb,) who argued that marriage was a moribund institution and flouted its conventions at every opportunity and yet remained touchingly supportive (if not faithful) to his wife as she suffered to a prolonged bout of clinical depression.

For idealists of a somewhat odder and perhaps darker sort we have the transvestite and star of several cult films Divine (born Oct. 19, 1945 adb) and the tongue-wagging guitarist from the rock group Kiss, Gene Simmons (born Aug. 25, 1949 adb.)

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