If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Heroic Home Body

You have a heroic conception of yourself as a lover. You see yourself as strong and in control, the protector of the weak and the savior of the desperate. Unfortunately, the realities of your love life don’t always support this notion. Often it is your tender feelings that require protection and your desperate plunges in and out of love that call for a savior. In order to justify this discrepancy, you often have to be less than honest, both with your Beloved and yourself. The person most likely to win your heart will be that individual who makes it appear as if you are the champion when, in fact, you were the one crying for help.

Your tendency toward self-deception often extends to a failure to admits to you very natural emotionalism and sexual passivity. Unfortunately, there always come a day of reckoning when you have to “own” your emotional susceptibility and capitulate to your sloppy feelings of dependency and your deep-seated need for affection. The good news is that surrendering everything for love isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is. You may lose your dignity but what you get in return can make it all worth while.



Our examples of The Heroic Home Body include some rather sad tales. British born actor George Sanders (born July 3, 1906 adb) made a career for himself playing sophisticated cads. He was known for his snide asides and his seemingly impenetrable English reserve. His personal life, however, was full of emotional angst. His first marriage ended because he was too controlling. His second, to the glamorous Zsa Zsa Gabor ended when she was unfaithful and his third, with a woman he deeply loved, ended abruptly with her untimely death. After this tragedy Sanders became increasingly distraught and depressed but he never completely abandoned his haughty persona. He eventually committed suicide, leaving behind a famous note saying, “Goodbye world. I am leaving because I am bored.”

Another example with a sad story is the actress Francis Farmer (born Sept. 19, 1913 adb.) In the 1930s Farmer seemed destined to become the next Hollywood sex symbol but her drinking and refusal to submit to the Hollywood system derailed her career and eventually caused her mother to have Farmer confined to a mental hospital where she was given shock treatments and raped.

Even our more stable examples contain elements of tragedy. Anne Morrow Lindbergh (born June 22, 1906 adb) was the wife of aviation hero, Charles Lindbergh and a daring pilot in her own right as well as a talented writer but her she often felt overshadowed by her famous husband.· The French designer Yves Saint Laurent (born Aug. 1, 1936 adb) profited greatly, both in terms of his career and his emotional life, from his long partnership with Pierre Berg, but the designer’s extremely dependent relationship with Berg was rarely peaceful largely because of Saint Laurent’s drug and alcohol abuse and his penchant for passing infatuations with other men.

A happier example is Victoria Secrets model Stephanie Seymour (born July, 23, 1968 wik,) who survived a tumultuous romance with bad boy rocker Axl Rose to marry the wealthy art collector, Peter Brant.

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