If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Gemini 

you are . . .

The Wiley Home Body

Unlike most Mars in Cancer Lovers, you can be reasonable about sex. You are aware of your special sexual allure and your innate sensuality and you are determined to make intelligent use of these gifts. At first glance you seem to have a lighter, more flexible and less conservative approach to sex but, in reality, you are just as deeply cautious and serious about these matters as are most Mars in Cancer Lovers. People who come to you looking for nothing more than a good time will be shocked at how quickly your frivolous overtures can transform into deep, obsessive passions.

Like all Lovers of this type, relationships are very important to you and a sense of mutual commitment is essential to your enjoyment of sex. When you are in a relationship that doesn’t touch your heart you can appear to be very clever and in control but when you find the right person, the person who can truly answer all your emotional needs and quiet all your insecurities then you become like all the other Mars in Cancer Lovers—a happy slave to your feelings.



Our most outstanding example of The Wiley Home Body didn’t even need to talk in order to exert his power of the opposite sex. Silent screen legend Rudolph Valentino (born May 6, 1895 adb) left his native Italy with nothing but under the guidance of his wife, Natacha Rambova, he was transformed into the greatest cinematic lover of his time. Unfortunately, many resented the control Rambova held over the image and career of her husband, saying that the relationship cast doubt on Valentino’s “manliness.” Valentino, whose ideas about marriage were essentially those of the “old world,” eventually buckled under the pressure of these accusations and he and Rambova were divorced. Valentino spent the remainder of his brief career trying to reestablish his masculine image.

Other examples include astronaut and politician John Glenn (born July 18, 1921 adb,) Black Muslim leader Malcolm X (born May 19, 1925 adb,) who insisted on the same strict discipline for the women of his congregation as he did for the men and the Indian mystic Jiddu Krishnamurti (born May 12, 1895 adb,) who was a life-long celibate. Somewhat less conservative in the conduct of his sex life was the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (born Apr. 29, 1863 adb.) Though married, Hearst generally ignored his wife and maintained a long and none-too-secret alliance with his true love, actress Marion Davies. He frequently made use of his tremendous power and wealth to support her career and to frighten away potential rivals for her affection. She, in turn, remained loyal to him until his death.·

Another example of this type is the British television personality Paula Yates (born Apr. 24,1959 wik,) noted for her long liaison with pop singer and philanthropist Bob Geldof which ended in an acrimonious divorce and her short, passionate marriage to INXS front man Michael Hutchence, which ended when Hutchence hanged himself. Yates later died of a heroin overdose.·