If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Happy Home Body

Sex is a powerful and not always comforting force within your life. It can carry you away to unimaginable heights of pleasure and it can also leave you emotionally devastated, all in the same afternoon. The intensity of your sexual feelings and the depth and power of your emotional needs make you an extremely seductive lover. Your gestures, your voice, and your eyes all proclaim a promise that few can resist; a promise of complete surrender to the power of love.

Of course, no one is more aware of the hazards inherent in that promise than you. Because your sexuality is so laden with emotional angst you may well approach the whole process with a sense of terror. Your compulsion to give all to love makes you a very vulnerable individual. Love can become as addictive to you as a drug, while sexual frustration can make you malicious and irrational. You are a person who should always take great care in his or her sexual choices. When you don’t, the results can be very bad but when you do, your capacity for happiness is immeasurable.



Our examples of The Happy Home Body include three noted novelists. The first is Honore de Balzac (born May 20, 1799 adb,) the French author of The Human Comedy and many other works. Deprived of maternal affection when he was a child, the teenage Balzac sought solace with prostitutes. Later he favored older mistresses who were willing to mother him. Once he had succeeded as a novelist and developed his famous, larger than life persona, Balzac’s womanizing became compulsive. Despite the fact that he was short, fat and frequently unwashed, the caffeine-driven writer had little trouble attracting women but it was only at the very end of his life that Balzac found someone who could offer him the secure relationship that he had been craving.··

·American novelist Joyce Carol Oates (born June 16, 1938 adb,) on the other hand, has lived a quiet life as a happily married college professor though her many of the scores of novels she has written involve bizarre and heartrending sexual situations while Ian Fleming (born May 28, 1908 adb,) the inventor of James Bond, remained a bachelor until he was 44.

Other examples of this type include actress and model ), actress Halle Berry (born Aug. 14, 1966 wik,) whose love life, until recently, seemed to feature nothing except abuse (she was left partially deaf by a beating she received from a lover) and disappointments (one of her husbands was a self-proclaimed sex-addict.)· Also in this group we have Welsh singer, Tom Jones (born June 7, 1940 adb,) who drove lingerie flinging female fans wild when he was in his prime and Nicole Brown Simpson (born May 18, 1959 adb,) the ex-wife of O.J. Simpson and the victim of a horrific murder. A younger and somewhat quieter example is actress and model Zendaya (born Sept. 1, 1996).

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